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  1. Yes,the 14'-15's use the low beam for DRL.Possibly at reduced voltage but someone else would have to confirm that.
  2. All lights will lose lumens over time whether they are LED,halogen or HID.Halogen filaments.HID arc tubes and LED chips produce a lot of heat.I've seen LED's burn up they got so hot.And all LED's or any bulbs aren't created equal.Some will break down quicker than others.
  3. A trick I was told by the shop I bought mine from is lay them out in the sun ahead of time so they are hot when you put them on. Works like a charm no wrinkles.Great tip with the steamer for the foam.Also if your seats have been used for a while and and the outer edges of the foam cusions are beat up by people sliding out the door.You can swap them to the opposite seat as both sides are identical
  4. This seat is cloth (new truck)but this is what the backs look like.They basically just go on with a zipper.Planning on installing the leather and seat heaters this weekend If the weather holds out.
  5. bought a '19 legacy so basicaly the same as an '18.These HID headlights are terrible. The reflector headlights on my '14 were amazing with the right bulbs Has anyone tried the 45w direct replacement morimoto bulbs? Hoping FastWS6TA wiil respond to this thread
  6. I got one for the same reason,so I always have a witness. Street Guardian sg9665gc with a 64 gig card very happy with it
  7. I even did the seat belt buckles you can see one hanging on the acitone can. Everything held up well.
  8. Thanks,I had my doubts but was really impressed.The paint was recomended by our paint supplier. I was really happy with the results(I hated those grey seats but the truck was an offer I couldn't refuse)
  9. ^ This If you have a 14 or 15 get the set for the 16+ and you don't reuse the plasic seat back looks better and is easier
  10. I did this with my '14 that had grey seats.SEM color coat paint in satin black is a perfect match,looks like it came from the factory. clean all the parts really well with something like dawn detergent to get off any mold release or dirt. Use their leather and plasic prep,it's an adhesion promotor (follow all the instructions) Then paint with the color coat.I just traded my truck and mine still looked perfect after four years.
  11. Did the whole interior in one day and that included painting all my grey plastic pieces black(stock upholstery was grey) A bonus is that it makes it real easy to vacum the carpet with all the seats out.
  12. Not professionally installed but hope it helps
  13. For anyone thinking about a Borla Exhaust system Their warranty is no joke. I had an isue with mine recently(on truck for over 2 yrs) and after contacting them a new system was on it's way within 24 hrs. Amazing customer service,big thanks to [email protected] Borla
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