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  1. mine just started doing this 2014 SLT, (hit -2 outside) Im pretty sure the cold has something to do with it, with mine anyways. as soon as its above 20 it works fine...I shut that thing off for the winter now tho. that sound and alert are very distracting.
  2. wondering if these controls can be made (programed) so you can kill both with the switch and they stay off, i'm not sure how hard this would be...maybe have to buy a replacement BCM...I think that is where the controls for this run. I'll ask when I contact these guys https://www.stealthdiesel.com/OZ-BCMA-UL/ im looking to get control of my light switch back. I really love my truck but all the nanny crap on it pisses me off.
  3. I still can’t see the link? What’s going on
  4. Thanks, ya I have an older chebby with a 4 inch and the huge trucks aren’t my thing anymore, this is my ol beast, just use her for work and the nasty stuff lol
  5. Been using my baby for almost 2 week now and no issues with my lights, can’t go wrong getting the zmnypit harnesses. Thanks again man.
  6. I have mine apart right now waiting for my led's to come in. if you want I can strip my old light harness and take some photos for ya? let me know i'm just watching tv today and being a lazy bastard in general. =)
  7. well he got back to me, looks like he messed up and shipped me the wrong items. so now just a waiting game to get my lights. I might even plug these in now that I know I was not screwed intentionally and see what they look like powered up... but anyway, the guy seemed like he was sorry about the mix up, he got back to me in a fair amount of time so I believe hes a good seller. *edit* and the e-mail was 100% my end, all his e-mails were heading to my spam bin. so it looks like the seller is wrong one one hand, I was wrong on the other getting smoking hot about not getting a response.
  8. I paid the guy 550, but like I said he sent me the photo I posted.
  9. Hopefully he gets back to me today, its been 2 days already since I sent him notification that I received the wrong item. and he has it set up he takes no returns. so the option to return them on the dispute tab is not there. O well I am sure he will get in touch when my card company reverses the charge, just might take a while.
  10. he sent me the photo I uploaded, I have been talking to zmnypit and he thinking he sent me a different order. because these are 17 Chevrolet lights. if this all works out I will delete this but he has yet to respond to our questions about whats going on. so mad right now, but staying calm lol O ya went paypal and a credit card for the extra safty
  11. bought a set of LED tail lights for my 14 sierra, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sierra-Denali-2014-2015-2016-Oem-Tail-Lamps-/272862005650?hash=item3f87d7c992:g:KGsAAOSw8OJZySgF and he sent me and will not respond to our e-mails. and he has them relisted again.
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