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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    You were aware of the Silverado vibration issues, you took one out for a test with the salesman and the truck vibrated, and you bought it anyhow Why??
  2. Ceramic Coating tips?

    Juan, I'll be blunt: If you have to ask about ceramic coating perhaps you shouldn't be doing it. It's not for the faint of heart.
  3. Yep, they are the videos I saw previously.
  4. Had you considered spare GM 17" wheels with default 17" tire size for them just for the track? The calculator says 265x65x17 gives you 3.53 rears on a default 3.42 OEM, not a whole lot but you will come up against a real tight race one day....... I also noticed on some of your earlier dash board videos that your RPM's never go below 5000 during shifts. Is that from a tune?
  5. Gorske, With the tire size change, and if your default rear axle gearing is 3.42, you changed that ratio to 3.37 rears, negligible and it's probably not noticeable unless you are in a real even and tight race. Bigger doesn't help. I love your videos!
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Myron, You look like a proud new father!
  7. It's not as simple as removing it, there are witness marks all over many bolts like shown. Any mechanic worth anything will see this in an instant and show his service manager. If they see it, you're done. The green quality control marks do not line up indicating this vehicle has been tampered with.
  8. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    I ripped off the 275x55x20 OEM chromes and exchanged for a set of Z71 OEM 265x65x18." Nice quiet ride on the interstates, doesn't feel or ride like an Abrams tank, good gas mileage. Keeps up with a 6.2 running 35's big knobbys with wide offsets. My 'off-road,' like most here, is riding on the shoulder from time to time.
  9. Another trip to Marathon, FL down Interstate 95 and Florida Turnpike. Showing the last leg over the Bay Bridge Tunnel and up through Delaware at reduced legal highway speeds and the overall mileage.
  10. Recent Alabama trips down Interstate 81 with the overall mileage. Tank topped off each time by hand but I've found out the fuel economy gauge is 'right on.'
  11. Going off road in Denali

    If your lift isn't dealer certified, whether they do it or send it out, GM may not warranty any suspension and related issues just like their Service Bulletin states. It doesn't matter if an after market shop plates their lift parts in gold. How much clearer can it be?
  12. Going off road in Denali

    Beware if 'lift kits' done by anyone but your dealer: Warranty_Silverado Suspension Mod 1116 (003).pdf
  13. Can someone describe how to "Untag" a singer for the radio? I accidentally 'Tagged' a performer and every time she appears I get the notice.
  14. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Do a search here for the Bak covers fitting flush to the top rail. There has been quite a few leaking issues with them. Look above at bkesting's red truck with the Access Lorado cover, it's a classy one.

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