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  1. Keep those wheels, the 18's ride a little better and are attractive IMO. Ninety nine percent of those here with the BiG lifts and big macho wheels interpret 'off-road' as riding on the shoulder!
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Goodyear SRA's My truck came with the 20" chrome wheels and Continentals. Three months after taking possession of it I bought a full set of the ZR71 aluminum wheels from a dealer who installs lift kits, I don't like the chrome wheels. Being concious of the vibration problem I had my independent tire place balance the factory 18" Goodyears. Before they started I asked the owner 'How good is the factory balance' and he said "Usually pretty good." The balance was NOT a road force but a conventional balance: Two wheels took 2.5 oz, one wheels took 1.25oz and the last wheel was OK. Two and a half ounces is a LOT. So off I went after spending $50 for my own satisfaction and it was probably a good thing I did. I have had no issues with the factory Z71 18" Goodyear SRA tires whatsoever. They have been to Florida and Alabama with no vibrations whatsoever on the 70+ MPH Interstates and my truck didn't have any vibrations with the 20" chrome either. These last few pages have brought another factor into this whole 'road force' and tire balance/vibration issue: How competent and how well trained are the dealer techs using the machine? It's not nuclear physics to use one but it does take some practice and training. Does the dealer even HAVE a machine when they claim they did a 'road force' balance. Has everyone SEEN the machine at their dealer's when they claim a 'road force' balance was done?
  3. What if...

    Looks like an F150 from the side..........
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    You mean the truck, right!
  5. Shake or Vibration Issues

    It's been stated numerous times in this long thread that many who have replaced their driveshaft still have the problem. What fixes your truck may not fix another's.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Street Queen, all stock after the bi-annual Spring and Fall detail.
  7. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Barak, I made no reference to 'road force balancing,' my reference was to the PICO tester and its available printout. Your experience with those Goodyear Wranglers is another example of what may solve one owner's issues and not anothers. When I bought my truck I removed the 20" chrome wheels and installed the default 18" Z71 aluminum wheels with those Goodyear Wranglers. I never had a vibration then and don't have one now and those wheels and tires carried us to Florida once and Alabama twice on the 70MPH+ Interstates. I've seen many complaints about the Wrangler tires here but I never had any issues with them. I've had the 18" wheels conventionally balanced independently by a private shop after the exchange, not a road force balance, and the factory balance left a lot to be desired. I personally have no idea what causes the vibration on a small percentage of these GM trucks but it's a helluva thing to read about the problem on $50,000 +/- trucks and the understandable dissatisfaction of those owners.
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    PICO tests provide valid legal and diagnostic summaries and can be used in related or unrelated court cases. Not able to print a summary is pure bullshit so you're already being lied to. Perhaps the PICO tester they borrowed conveniently can't print.....
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Guys, Some of you have not been here long enough to read some of the hundreds of other posts regarding 'vibrations' and no one expects you to start at the beginning of this thread either. 1. There are many, many examples of driveshafts being replaced with another GM driveshaft that have not cured the problem so don't be disappointed if that's not your fix or they tell you "The driveshaft runout is withing tolerance." 2. There are many, many examples of engineers coming to the dealership to pay lip service and state '"It's within GM specs." 3. There are many, many examples of the dealer performing the PICO tests and stating "It's within specs." 4. What cures another owner's trruck will not necessarily cure your truck with the same fix. It might but don't be disappointed if it doesn't. 5. There are many, many guys who bought quality aftermarket parts including driveshafts, rear axles, etc. Some had their problem fixed that way and some didn't. So to summarize, what fixes one owner's truck may not fix yours so be prepared to either be very disappointed or very satisfied. Being disappointed has been in the vast majority of GM dealer fixes. GM knows what the problem is but they won't admit to it.
  10. Generation of 2019 Traverse/Acadia?

    I checked specs for the Traverse and Acadia to see how much smaller the Acadia was: 10" and that's a lot. It's only Mom and me now and we drove a couple models of the 2019 Traverse and it was very enjoyable and comfortable. So it's going to be finding a 2019 leftover or ordering a 2020, neither is an issue. I learned a lot from this thread and it's much appreciated.
  11. Generation of 2019 Traverse/Acadia?

    Guys, Thank you for the clarifications.
  12. What generation are we on with the 2019 Traverse? What are GM's plans for a makeover / next generation? I ask because we are probably ready to trade 2016 Silverado on a 2019 / 2020 Traverse and I don't want to trade for the next generation's first year model.
  13. Modding my ProCharger kit!

    Gorske, Transmission handling the extra HP and torque OK? Your tune handles the shifting just fine? Does it go through all gears in the 1/4 mile? Good show, thank you.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    You were aware of the Silverado vibration issues, you took one out for a test with the salesman and the truck vibrated, and you bought it anyhow Why??

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