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    2017 silverado z71
  1. I have Fox 2.0 on all 4 corners and the ride is awesome on street and offroad! 2.5 will be great if you plan on doing some serious offroading, if the truck won't see dirt go with 2.0 to save some coin. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the info, advertised as "lift" not block size so I'm assuming it's 2" lift. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. I recently purchased the Fox 2.0 full set from MRT and will be installing on my 2017 Silverado Z71 cc. Planning on leaving it at the 2 inch mark but would like to also add 1-2 inchs in the back. The Fox site says the rear 2.0's are good from 0-1 inch in lift so I'm not sure what size block to go with. I had my eyes on the Motofab 2 inch blocks but what I don't know is if these are 2 inch blocks that replace the 1.25's on the truck now, raising it .75 inch or do they actually raise the rear a full 2 inches. If that's the case, will the 2.0's in the rear be over extended? Will a 1 inch lift block (again from MRT) raise the truck 1 inch above the stock 1.25 and be the preferred route to go? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  4. Thomcat, your comment isn't really needed if you think I was complaining. As I said, I didn't even know these little lights were there as I know where my handles are and have never had a hard time finding them. I was asking if anyone had info about these or any experience working on them.
  5. I have a 2017 Silverado LT Z71, noticed a few days ago that there are lights in the interior door handle pockets. Not very bright, can't see them until I actually put my hand in the pocket. Assume they're LED. Anyone have experience changing these out for brighter ones or different colors? I can't find any info about these.
  6. Any rub with those tires guppster88? Thats the size I want to go with but maybe down to 18 inch wheels to have a little more meat.
  7. I think I might use it to remind me that the back slider is open. I'm so used to just closing front and back windows in my last few cars that I've forgotten to close the slider once or twice.
  8. I'm thinking of going with the 2 inch under strut kit and 2 inch blocks in the back. This should keep a decent rake and hopefully make enough room for 275/65R20 (stock wheels) or 285/75R18.
  9. 17' GMC LED Light Bars ideas

    Good idea 1990dtgl98, didn't think about removing any of the louvers. I'll have to take a look.
  10. 17' GMC LED Light Bars ideas

    I have a '17 Silverado with the active grill shutters and haven't seen any way of adding a light bar behind the grill. A few bumper mount options from N-Fab but worried about theft having it so low.
  11. New from SoCal

    Thanks, originally from 909 now in 951.
  12. New but have been lurking for a while now. So far I've found a ton of info on this forum, wealth of knowledge here! Asking anyone who has Motofab experience. Interested in the 2" front under strut kit and 2" or 3" rear blocks as I want to keep some rake for towing. I noticed that Motofab doesn't ask for steel or aluminum arms, anyone know why? I have stamped steel. Most of the other companies require you to select steel or aluminum when ordering. Are these truly universal? Thanks.
  13. New from SoCal

    New, been lurking for a while now. Back into the Chevy family, started in a '79 3/4 ton long bed Cheyenne camper special then 2007 Tahoe and after 10 plus years without a Chevy. Proud new owner of 2017 Silverado Z71 crew cab.

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