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  1. The 3.0 warms up extremely fast, even in cold temps.
  2. The 3.0 is equiped with: Active Thermal Management The Active Thermal Management (ATM) system on the 3.0L diesel engine distributes coolant through the engine in a targeted manner, sending heat where it’s needed to warm up the engine and reduce friction. It also promotes quicker heating of the passenger compartment and enhanced engine cooling during high power operation. The system uses a conventional engine-driven coolant pump while the ECM controls the ATM system using feedback from various coolant temperature sensors. The engine coolant flow control valve assembly that is part of the ATM system uses two chambers to control coolant flow. (Fig. 4) The first chamber controls the coolant flow rate across the radiator and bypass. The second chamber controls the flow to the transmission and engine oil cooler as needed, providing heated coolant from the EGR/turbocharger return circuit or cold coolant directly from the pump outlet.
  3. I'm not familiar, wondering why you would have a cap on a capless system?
  4. No rubbing at all, my speedo is still accurate at hwy speeds as well. I actually really like how these wheel/tires look, gonna be a little bit of a bummer to put the 22's back on when the weather warms up.
  5. I currently have that size winter tire installed on some OE replica wheels on my Denali. I know you already ordered, so it doesn't help much, but I ordered factory TPMS sensors for $25/per and a $12 learning tool off Amazon.
  6. I had a brief problem with trailer lights not working correctly until I selected which trailer I had connected on the infotainment screen.
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