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  1. I'm still a little ways away from not being covered but before 72 mark it probably isn't a bad idea to take it in and complain I'm having problems.
  2. I received a letter by mail from GM for my 2017 a couple days ago. Basically it says if you haven't had any problems don't bother the dealer. If you have take it in and they will fix for 6 years or 72000 miles free of charge. I guess after that you either get in a wreck or pay out of pocket.
  3. I tried to find out the size of those with out any success. I'm using 7/16 fuel line with standard hose clamps for the catch can. I'm just letting the OEM line and connectors laying on the manifold for quick reconnect. If you find which quick disconnect it uses please let me know.
  4. The shutter grill located behind the grill was not working properly and causing a check engine light. Nothing major but leave to a dealership to turn a 15 minute repair into a 3 day, 3 trip project. They finally got it replaced last Friday.
  5. I have a 17, it's the first new Chevy I have purchased at 47 years old. I bought it after owning 6 or 7 new Toyota's. I bought because I loved the look of the truck. So far it's been a okay truck but it seems like I've had a bunch of little issues and the service departments I have been to suck at best. I looked at the new body style yesterday while at the dealer having some warranty work done. There okay but I won't be buying one.
  6. The way mine is set up it only takes a couple minutes to take it off. I'm taking mine into the dealer in the morning for some warranty work. I just yanked it off, took like 5 minutes. I don't think it would matter but I would rather not risk it. I don't know how much they help but mine catches a bunch of oil. I probably collect a couple ounces or so every fill up. Not sure if it helps but it makes me feel better.
  7. Did you buy new quick connect fittings or cut the ones off the factory line? I'm trying to find out what size and where to buy those fittings. I want to be able to just hook the stock line back up quickly in case i go in for warranty work.
  8. ye, but you have to get someone with a programming tool to get them to work. That's another 70 bucks.
  9. I misplaced a set of my keys and fob last week, It was my spare set but has turned out to be quite costly. I'm sure they are around the house but I went a head and bought a spare key today at the dealership. Cost was 48 bucks and it should have been simple to program but ended up being a pain in the butt. I'll wait around a few weeks to see if they show up before I order a new fob. I hate brain farts! rant over
  10. I hate that happened, I know the feeling. I had a 07 Tundra SR5 that I had rims and tires put on as soon as I got it. I went out to eat after hunting one Saturday and like others I parked out in no mans land so that I wouldn't get any door dents. Some prick keyed my truck from the tip of the front fender all the way to the end of the bed. I would have loved to caught that SOB. I would have sanded the scratch out with his head.
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