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  1. Did you buy new quick connect fittings or cut the ones off the factory line? I'm trying to find out what size and where to buy those fittings. I want to be able to just hook the stock line back up quickly in case i go in for warranty work.
  2. ye, but you have to get someone with a programming tool to get them to work. That's another 70 bucks.
  3. I misplaced a set of my keys and fob last week, It was my spare set but has turned out to be quite costly. I'm sure they are around the house but I went a head and bought a spare key today at the dealership. Cost was 48 bucks and it should have been simple to program but ended up being a pain in the butt. I'll wait around a few weeks to see if they show up before I order a new fob. I hate brain farts! rant over
  4. I hate that happened, I know the feeling. I had a 07 Tundra SR5 that I had rims and tires put on as soon as I got it. I went out to eat after hunting one Saturday and like others I parked out in no mans land so that I wouldn't get any door dents. Some prick keyed my truck from the tip of the front fender all the way to the end of the bed. I would have loved to caught that SOB. I would have sanded the scratch out with his head.
  5. This is why I went with painted fuel wheels with a center cover. On my last Truck I had chrome plated wheels and with in 24 hrs. of the first snow the chrome was pitted. Never again, hopefully the painted fuel wheels hold up.
  6. TPMS Question

    I have it and in works on my 2017.
  7. TPMS

    Mine seem to be pretty accurate, I also have very good tire Gage. I noticed back towards the end of summer that if one side of the truck is parked facing the sun for any amount of time that side will grow 1 psi over the other. They do equalize out after its driven a few miles.
  8. My 07 Can-am 800 Outlander. Mainly use it for hunting but it's also a blast to play on.
  9. Oh, yeah, riiiiight, Mr. Dealership

    It's sad that buying a new vehicle has become a not so pleasant experience. Much like you I really like new vehicles and have purchased many in my lifetime although only 2 in the past ten years. I bought a new truck this past summer, I took going to 3 different dealerships before I finally got one to give me a price that didn't change when I made my way to the business office. Less then 10 minutes in the business office and I was on my way.
  10. Mobil-1 rebate

    Got my rebate check this weekend!
  11. If the subgrade is good and solid I would think it would hold up well. Even asphalt is only as strong as the subgrade it's place on.
  12. Dealer disapointment

    It's not like that just at your dealer. I wont hardly take anything back to a dealer weather it's a motorcycle, truck, or car dealer. My oil filter was leaking on my 2017 truck so I went ahead and changed the oil myself at 3000 miles. I had a axle shaft seal that looked like it was leaking so I took it by the dealer. The tech wrote on the paperwork that the customer had spilled oil everywhere while changing oil. No leaks, It was all I could do to not go back and B""""h slap the so called tech.

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