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  1. Curious - if so - post up your steam name RideZX6R here
  2. Brand new set of black billet bowties for 2006+ Chevy Avalanche - I believe they will fit Tahoe and Suburban as well, but do your research as I bought these for an Avalanche These sell on ebay and parts sites for $110+ pretty regularly as they're nice billet pieces - Will sell for $80 shipped to the lower 48 states
  3. Better wheel pics attached (daylight and a quick wash does wonders )
  4. Bump - Will try and get better pics of the wheels (when cleaned up) soon
  5. My '15 SLT I recently purchased has chrome everywhere and I'm just not that guy... I gave it the tint treatment first - but it still had all the chrome - more had to be done... So next up was de-badging all the chrome stuff with an eraser wheel, as well as the body side moldings, and replacing the mirror caps with gloss black as well as some door handle overlays in gloss black, and then removing the chrome step bars... As it sits today... I have some black window trim on the way... but then I'm kinda not sure about the grill and bumpers... I believe I'll buy some grill that keeps the GMC logo - but I'm not sure what yet, Would consider the All Terrain grille for an OEM look, but would also considering something that looks OEM-Plus - Feel free to make suggestions Also not sure if I want to paint the bumpers or wrap them in gloss black, opinions? Oh and if anyone in the seattle area wants some mint condition step bars, or chrome mirror caps - Mine are for sale!
  6. Got weather tech liners as a gift so these are for sale. For 2014+ Crew cabs - they're black Used for 6ish months. $25 local pick up in the Seattle area, can ship at buyer's expense, which will probably be $10-15 with USPS flat rate shipping.
  7. KO2 Tire, 20k mi review

    I'd agree... 40-50k sounds reasonable to me
  8. Sounds like my camaro does after the headers etc in track mode
  9. Thanks! And yes, I agree it was weird to see cooled seats but no nav... I will be swapping for an AndroidAuto capable unit and can add nav if I want, but honestly... 1LEs don't offer nav but do have AA - After using AA, I see no need for nav - Google maps covers it
  10. So after having a '15 Colorado crew and a brief stint with an '08 Avalanche, I decided I wanted something full size for comfort and towing in case my needs increase in the future. So I picked this thing up It's a 2015 Sierra Crew SLT with every box checked but nav and a bedliner - Basically a Denali without AWD and mag ride (neither of which I wanted) in Steel Grey Metallic on Black (heated and vented!) leather. 28k miles. Mods will be... de-badged and chrome door moldings removed (doing that this weekend) replacing chrome mirror caps, door handles, and chrome window trim with gloss black (all replacement parts ordered already) All Terrain grille Update to 2016 radio with android auto/carplay 5% tin (already done) LineX - (already done) New tires (as the stockers are about done) in the next 5k (street tires, nothing off-road) Rear drop shackles to level it (ordered and on the way) removing/selling running boards - they'll be for sale this weekend weathertech floor liners (already done) - Stock OEM black floor mats for sale maybe wrap the chrome on the bumpers gloss black? maybe black chrome wheels (same design, just swap the polished finish for black chrome)? maybe a blower some day as the 5.3 is adequate, but not fast It will be the tow vehicle and/or daily driver for this thing...
  11. You miss my point, If they are concerned with the tune being changed, I'd think it likely they would also be concerned with other parts being changed as well.
  12. if self driving cars mean I can get to work faster because there won't be merging issues because of shitty drivers I'm all for it. I'll still be able to tow and race my car at the track
  13. this Chevy has a Z07 package Corvette have issues at Best Driver's car 2 years ago... everyone was just sad it couldn't make boost because they liked it so much, but no one blamed Chevy QC
  14. Ford Finally did it...

    It was only a matter of time til trucks got this expensive. All the guys in TX who want trucks instead of sports cars can rejoice and tell their friends how expensive their truck was
  15. On the Lots

    saw a black V6 ZR2 on the road today, looked great
  16. You'd likely have less issues swapping a motor from the same era (ie LS) vs an older engine. Also it'd have more power and be more efficient (and would resale easier too)
  17. short block is pretty much the same from what I've read, but the heads/cam, intake, etc is all different, as is the tune etc dry sump oiling in some C7s vs wet, etc The good news the overlap in usable parts between the two is great, so you can make a 6.2 truck quick easily (well, quick for a truck anyway)
  18. How many people are from Washington?

    Issaquah thread seems to be a bit dead though heh
  19. I'd talk to the dealer about this - or maybe master reset the phone. the '15 Colorado I had never had this issue, my '17 Camaro never had it, nor does my '15 Sierra.
  20. it only ran a 12.1x @116 on a 1.98 60ft - It easily has an 11.8x in it but I hadn't raced the car at the drag strip before so I wasn't dialed in enough as a driver to get it there.

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