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  1. Better wheel pics attached (daylight and a quick wash does wonders )
  2. Bump - Will try and get better pics of the wheels (when cleaned up) soon
  3. I'll Take them for $60 shipped

  4. Brand new set of black billet bowties for 2006+ Chevy Avalanche - I believe they will fit Tahoe and Suburban as well, but do your research as I bought these for an Avalanche These sell on ebay and parts sites for $110+ pretty regularly as they're nice billet pieces - Will sell for $80 shipped to the lower 48 states
  5. Got weather tech liners as a gift so these are for sale. For 2014+ Crew cabs - they're black Used for 6ish months. $25 local pick up in the Seattle area, can ship at buyer's expense, which will probably be $10-15 with USPS flat rate shipping.
  6. KO2 Tire, 20k mi review

    I'd agree... 40-50k sounds reasonable to me
  7. Sounds like my camaro does after the headers etc in track mode
  8. Thanks! And yes, I agree it was weird to see cooled seats but no nav... I will be swapping for an AndroidAuto capable unit and can add nav if I want, but honestly... 1LEs don't offer nav but do have AA - After using AA, I see no need for nav - Google maps covers it
  9. intake and exhaust

    You miss my point, If they are concerned with the tune being changed, I'd think it likely they would also be concerned with other parts being changed as well.
  10. if self driving cars mean I can get to work faster because there won't be merging issues because of shitty drivers I'm all for it. I'll still be able to tow and race my car at the track

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