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  1. Question here! I want to remove the chrome cladding on these factory 17" rims is it possible? Found many YouTube videos on Ram, Ford... nothing for GM I'm assuming its the same? Heat up the rim and it separates? If you're going to comment just find a different set nothing has come up in my area for the standard grey (WT Trim) rims. These are my winters and I want to get them powder coated... Chrome can't be Thanks in advance!
  2. Ending up getting a hold of the guy that sold me them... He removed them, problem solved. Looks like I'll have to pick some up. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  3. Certainly is possible. Any way you can tell if they are TPMS just by looking at the valve stem? I know it actually sits inside the rim just looking for best case scenario
  4. Purchased them from a guy locally in town... they were off his 17' Sierra base model. Not too sure if they had sensors, I just assumed all factory GM rims had TPMS
  5. I purchased some winter rims for my Sierra they came off a base model (Chrome 17 inch)... I purchased the EL-50448 tool from amazon... It works on my 20's but not on the 17's... Is it possible the factory 17's don't have TPMS?? I'm holding it up to the 17's and nothing happens, I literally walk into my garage 6 feet away from the truck hold it up to my 20's and the horn chirps. Forgive me if I'm wrong I thought all GM trucks came with TPMS.
  6. Beauty thanks. Lookin into Tdotperformance.ca I've ordered a few things from them for my last vehicle they aren't too bad.
  7. I see you're from Canada aswell, where did you purchase your ATAK??
  8. Thanks Fellas. For sure going to be the next thing going on the truck!
  9. Huge kudos to @pgamboa This weekend I upgraded my DL8 mirrors to DL3 it was rainy as hell but thanks to Phils Youtube videos and clear instructions it was a breeze. I purchased his DIY kit as I was comfortable with doing the electrical. However if you aren't, the plug and play harness is for you. The package arrived in 1 week which was very quick (shipping from Texas to Ontario Canada) Everything was neatly packed and labeled very professionally. There is a PDF on which pins you have to pin out that are colour matched to the corresponding wires included, very simple!! Only thing I did do different: included is a butt connector to tap in a new ground in, however instead I soldered and shrink wrapped the ground connections together for peace of mind. (The butt connection works flawless don't get me wrong, but I guess I'm old school) I picked up my new mirrors from a local guy selling his DL3 mirrors that never saw the road, they were pulled off at the dealership being they installed towing mirrors before he picked up his brand new truck. They were collecting dust in his garage so I picked them up for $200 cash. Couldn't turn that offer down. I swapped off the chrome caps from the DL3 mirrors and put my black ones on (Phil has a easy video on YouTube explaining how to do so without snapping any clips) and began the swap. It's is funny because my dealer said this couldn't be done/or spend a fortune. My last vehicle was an 07' Chev Trailblazer it had the turn signal built into the mirror and if you didn't have that option it was plug in play no matter what trim you had, not the case for these trucks. (Phil made this possible though) Anyways HA GM dealer I spent $260 and a Saturday afternoon all said and done... I couldn't be happier... My 17' Elevation SLE is unique now in my area with it's power folding, T signal, and puddle lamps. Thanks again Phil, your knowledge and professionalism is greatly appreciated. Don't hesitate order up folks!!
  10. Big kudos to pgamboa! Picked up some DL3 mirrors up this weekend from Kijiji (craigslist) for $200 and modified them with his DL3 DIY kit. Rained like hell here this weekend but following his YouTube videos everything disassembled apart nicely with no surprises. My 17' Sierra Elevation SLE is one of a kind around here with power folding, puddle and t signal mirrors
  11. Recommendations? How's she sound? V4? TIA

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