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  1. 465AFC08-967D-4B7F-9263-83D925D454DC.heic F8DCF17B-244C-40F1-A4C7-79CAF4335CF0.heic
  2. I have the same mods on my truck 2017 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 LT, had the same issue this past Sunday night took my truck to the dealer and had 4 fuel injectors replaced under warranty. I have Bilsteind 6112 in the front and 5100 in the rear I also have a intake with a dry air filter and a carven exhaust to the side interesting on why they didn't do the service under warranty.
  3. Sorry for the late reply I purchased my Bilsteins on 4 wheel parts with 10% off total came out to $649 I believe no shipping I did a store pick up.
  4. Hello just got got the 6112's installed in the front and the 5100 in the rear you wont be dissapointed the difference is instantly. I installed them at the highest level setting. Ill post a pic of the truck after so you guys can see.
  5. Sorry if the thread is not in the correct spot I am new to this forum, but I would like to know if anyone has a Kicker VSS Soundgate complete kit for sale. I am looking into buying both the AMP and the Subwoofer. Its going to be for my 2017 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Thanks Everyone
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