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  1. I generally do my first oil change at 1,000 mi on a new truck. I changed the oil on my 2022 2500 L8T last night at 1,250 mi. Afterwards I ran a large magnet in the bottom of the 8qt of used oil and found no metal shavings whatsoever which is a first for me! I will change it again at 5,000 mi and then 5,000 miles from here on out like i have always.
  2. Hi folks! I have been a member here since 2005. Because life happened, I haven't logged on in 6-7 years. My last truck was my beloved 2012 GMC Sierra SLE z71 4x4. But I purchased a winnebago bumper tow camper last year and I was able to safely tow it just fine on flat land even at highway speeds with my 2012 1500, but it struggled in the hills. And I have plans to take my kids out west for a trip to the national parks in the next year or two. So I decided to sell my beloved 2012 and purchase a new 2022 Chevy 2500HD. Instead of waiting forever on truck order, I found a truck sitting on the GM factory lot in Canada that met 99% of my requirements. Put down a deposit on it at my dealership in June, truck arrived approx. 6 weeks later. I know most of you always want the specs, so specs can be found below.: '22 2500HD LT z71 4x4 CCSB 6.6 gas Greenstone Metallic - Gideon / Dark Atomsphere interior 2LT Convenience 1 Package 2LT Convenience 2 Package 2LT Leather Package Heated bucket seats & steering wheel Manual folding towing mirrors Power rear sliding window All weather floor liners Hitch guaidance and hitch view system Power up / down tailgate z71 off-road & protection package Gooseneck / 5th wheel package Factory sprayed in bed liner And last but not least, here is a list the GM vehicles I have owned in order: 1995 GMC Sierra RCSB SLE 4x4 5 spd manual 5.0L (Emerald Green) 1998 GMC Sierra RCSB SLE z71 4x4 5.7L (Pewter) 2004 Chevy Silverado ECSB SLE 4x4 4.8L (Red) 2003 Chevy Avalanche z71 4x4 5.3L (Black) 2007 GMC Sierra CCSB SLT 4X4 5.3L (Black) 2010 GMC Sierra CCSB SLT 4X4 6.2L (Black) 2012 GMC Sierra CCSB SLE z71 4x4 5.3L (Mocha Steel) 2022 Chevy Silverado CCSB LT z71 4x4 6.6 gas (Greenstone)
  3. Maybe its the lighting, but looking at the OPs pics, that oil sure looks very dark or not black to me. A little to dark to only have 3,000km on it. Just my opinion from what I see in the pics.
  4. FWIW, I am in a similar boat as kstruckcountry, I have the MIT tube, high flow Airaid filter, and a Borla touring muffler in place of my original using the factory exhaust pipe. But I have no tuning currently, although i plan to have it tuned in the future. I feel like there is a little more power on top end, and even less of an increase if any at low rpm. And for the record, I run mid grade fuel (89 octane) as BB recommends in the 5.3 with stock tuning. I just hand calculated 17.9 MPG average on a 900 mile road trip with my cruise set at 78 MPH through east Arkansas over into the hills of central TN. All interstate.
  5. I have had this issue since i purchased my 2012 Sierra 18 months ago, and I also had it happen on my 2010 Sierra. I learned quick that only about half of the pumps I tied will do it. And when you get to a pump that does stop pumping every 10 seconds or so, just pull the spout out about 1 inch and it should correct the problem.
  6. As of today, my ROR for the last 12 months is 26.52%
  7. My preference is the Borla Touring, but you already knew that. lol
  8. Credit cards for me at 20 years old in college. I have never not paied a cc bill when its due, but when I was young and ignorant, I ran up lots of cc debt and now I am still paying it off. Although I hope to have the cc bills paid off within 2 years. My truck and wifes car will hopefully be paid off in 3 years. Then all we have are very low interest fixed rate student loans and our relatively small mortgage payment.
  9. I've owned 3 GMT-900 trucks and none have ever had a issue with the hourmeter resetting. I guess I have been lucky so far.
  10. IMO, unless your running a touchscreen, it SUCKS! (When compared to Win 7).
  11. Total BS on them saying they cant install smaller wheels on your truck. I traded my factory 20s off of my 2007 GMT900 crew for factory 17s with no problems what so ever. Ran them for 20+ thousand miles. Everything including the sensors synced right up.
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