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  1. What were the numbers before? Fuel economy unchanged?
  2. Was this just the drop in filter or the whole system setup?
  3. Thanks for the info Thanks for the info. That is very good mileage considering I have a Honda Pilot with a V-6 and I only get 22 to 25 mpg. What model do you have? LT, RST or LTZ?
  4. That's just great gas mileage for the 6.2 minus paying for the premium gas.
  5. Do you have a tune on it, to average that kind of mpg with the 6.2.
  6. Thanks everyone, just asking because my wife is more comfortable in the seats that are all adjustable. My current vehicle doesn't have that and she was complaining one day.
  7. So, I guess there is no option to get the power driver and passenger seats on a RST?
  8. Hello all Just wondering if you get the leather package in the RST trim, can you get the power adjustable driver and passenger seat, kind of like the LTZ trim has?
  9. I do not think a 22 mile drive is a short drive, unless you think it is for a diesel engine.
  10. So, what about the other cost of ownership? Are you talking about oil changes, insurance, truck payment. I would get a 3.0 mainly for mileage, the most I tow is my garden tractor. My current vehicle(Honda Pilot) does not handle towing very well.
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