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  1. I do not think a 22 mile drive is a short drive, unless you think it is for a diesel engine.
  2. So, what about the other cost of ownership? Are you talking about oil changes, insurance, truck payment. I would get a 3.0 mainly for mileage, the most I tow is my garden tractor. My current vehicle(Honda Pilot) does not handle towing very well.
  3. So, what is your average speeds that you are running? I would be averaging between 60 to 65 mph if the traffic is running smoothly.
  4. So, would you recommend the Duramax, say if I have a one way drive to work of 22 miles? I do tow occasionally, but I would probably buy the Duramax for the gas mileage.
  5. Just looking at the inventory of some of the local dealers in my area and one of the higher volume dealers has 13 diesels in stock, ranging from the LT model all the way up to the High Country. Are they expecting these to be a hit with consumers? Have you all seen many diesels in your area?
  6. If that is the case, why are they trying to sell used pickups more than new ones? That is the case in my area.
  7. If you are saying that the diesel engine will not get better than 25 mpg, what is point of getting one, if one is using this for mainly mileage, you are better off buying a gas engine.
  8. Yeah, right now I am averaging 20k miles a year. My Pilot averages 25 mpg. If I can get a truck that gets 30 plus mpg, that almost sounds like a winner, but maybe the servicing a diesel engine is a lot more expensive.
  9. So, there was a lot of posts on there, one post said the timing belt only lasts 150,000 miles and that the engine is done at 150,000 miles. Is there any truth to either one of these?
  10. Is that actual hand calculated mpg? or Computer readout?
  11. So, what kind of truck do you drive for this kind of gas mileage?
  12. Rust is at one fender well and at the cab corners and the middle of the cab.
  13. Looking to sell my 2001 Chevy Silverado Ext cab LT Z71 with 101,000 miles. Has some rust and scratches, interior is in great shape, no tears or rips in the leather. Let me know what you all think. Thanks.
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