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  1. First off I want to say this is not my first Eonon product. I had one in both of my BMW’s and they were fantastic. I just want to talk about this unit itself, I ordered it around December and I didn't get to installing it until March. When I first plug the unit in, everything lit up like it was supposed to but the unit had no sound. After a quick Google search I found at this seem to be a pretty common issue. I emailed them about this issue and they wanted me to do some troubleshooting on the unit. I set the unit up on my bench and ran it off of a battery. I checked everything they wanted me to check and no sound was coming out of the Bose module when it was hooked up. If I hooked it up by passing the module, everything would work fine. They told me that yes something must be wrong with the unit and that I would need to send it back, at my own expense mind you. I live in Canada so I'd either have to ship it from Canada to Hong Kong which would be about 40 US dollars or drive over to the US and ship it for about 25 US dollars. A little backstory on this part when they shipped it to me they shipped it to the US and then shipped it to Canada which caused me to pay another $50 in taxes and import charges, at this point I was already extremely frustrated with the amount of extra money this unit has cost me and now it's Dead on Arrival. I told them this is unacceptable and that I wanted a refund for the entire unit. I was told that my refund time was expired, even though my original complaint was well within the refund period. all the troubleshooting they asked me to do carried on for almost a complete month because they did not reply to emails for 3 to 4 days everytime I would send an update of what I found and what they were asking me to do. I know some of you might think that I'm just bitching about a product because I got screwed. I do audio installations out of my garage and I have done a lot of audio installations for local customers. When I picked up my Silverado the factory radio was nice but it did not come with Bluetooth. I wanted to find something with a good Bluetooth option. I looked online and saw that Eonon made a head unit for our trucks, having used these in previous cars with great success I went ahead and ordered one so I could make a good write-up and explain to everybody how good this product is. Unfortunately I have failed you and Eonon has failed me. So all-in-all I say that the support of this product is extremely poor and I would not recommend anyone buying it for their vehicle because if you do have an issue. This is the type of response from the company you can expect.
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