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  1. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    Just bought a new 2017 Black Edition. Reg cab short bed. 5.3. Shakes over 73+ mph. Took it to dealer. They rebalanced all 4 wheels. Still shakes. They put a new driveshaft in and said it was fixed. I picked it up today. Nope. It’s worse. Now it begins shake no at 60 and at 74-75 has a pretty dramatic shake. Wish I had know about this. I would never have bought it if I knew. Now I go back again Monday to let them have another go at it. I can foresee a lemon law lawyer in my future after reading all the complaints. This is a brand new truck and started shaking as soon as I took delivery. Shame on me for not driving on the interstate on test drive.
  2. Just took my 2017 in. They rebalanced all 4 wheels. Then replaced the driveshaft. Now shakes worse. Was 73+. Now 60+ and at 74 it shakes hard. Back on Monday. Short bed reg cab 2WD. Black Edition. Disappointing. I didn’t test drive on highway. Shame on me. Started vibration on mmefiately after purchase. I’ll discuss torqueconverter on Monday.

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