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  1. I have the MX4 on my 18 and really like it. I'm not really concerned with it being 100% water resistant or anything so that is not an issue for me. My only observations after about 14 months of use are: 1. It's heavy, almost too heavy to fold up one armed sometimes with my janky old elbows/shoulders - especially considering anyone wanting to break in could just bust the two tiny plastic nubs locking it down by the tailgate with a small lever. 2. The cables that activate the locking/unlocking of each section I'm pretty sure they are going to wear out sooner than later. 3. I wish it could lock at every position instead of just the last two towards the cab....and that leads me to.... 4. I wish it folded up a bit more compactly instead of blocking the entire rear window.
  2. Sell it yourself but WITH the aftermarket wheels (but also include the OEM if you still have them). That is a look that complements the lift already and a buyer that wants that is immediately going to be interested. It sounds like you are not in a huge hurry as well so price a bit closer to your "dream" sales price and work down from there. I would just suggest to any interested buyers that the meet you at the local credit union or bank so they can get a loan for the vehicle, once they are ready to buy etc. That puts a lot of the paperwork on the lender right off the bat and doesn't involve meeting with pink slips/cash in some alley. I've had great results selling cars/trucks over the years using: 1. Autotrader run till it sells ad 2. Pay for the Carfax report 3. Back the Autotrader ad up with a separate Craigslist ad that also has a link to the Autotrader ad. The under 35 year group that is your target will find it on CL first every time. 4. Include a lot of high quality pictures. I cannot believe how lazy most private party sellers are, it's laughable. You can get immediately make a potential buyer more trusting of the deal if you are making it plain you aren't trying to hide anything and aren't too lazy to take and post pictures. (what else is the seller lazy about? changing the oil?) 5. Also include some personality in your listing and how much you liked the truck as well as an honest reason why you are looking to move on aka "need a diesel to tow, etc" 6. Don't get hung up on the cost of your mods. They are a sunk cost, and have depreciated right along with the truck. 7. Say you are willing to hear reasonable offers. The first thing a buyer will do is look at KBB and figure they can beat it. That doesn't mean you can't get them to move up once you explain that the competitor truck at the Chevy dealer he is also looking at hasn't been inspected beyond checking the computer/tires and giving it an oil/filter change, is probably an auction buy from the North Dakota oil fields or used as an extra on Gold Rush and has some abusive history as well as includes no records, spreadsheets of maintenance or even the slightest of insight from the previous owner.
  3. You can also use GM Financing (while internally laughing at their rates) to capture any available incentives and then re-fi with PenFed asap.
  4. The OEM resonator was removed with the OEM exhaust and wasn't replaced. No cabin or V4 drone as far as I can tell. The only part from the Borla kit I kept on there was the new flappy valve cylinder deactivation section that leads into the exhaust, so maybe that new design helps with the V4 drone? Actually is that part on the left leading into the valve a resonator of some sort? That is still on the truck.
  5. The muffler shop was a full service custom place that just built a OEM styled single pipe side outlet and tip.
  6. The GM Borla definitely had more cabin "rumble" as well, IMO, that I didn't particularly enjoy. I should add that I'm 50 now, and 20 year old me would have definitely wanted MOAR LOUDER, so I see where all those guys are coming from! It's just now I don't feel the need to wake up all the neighbors. I also had a 2002 Tahoe with a Flowmaster 70 on it that was also plenty loud for me. Obviously, it looks like the materials quality of the Borla appear to be a bit more upscale compared to the Magnaflow, but overall for the price of the Magnaflow I will let that slide.
  7. I had the 5.3 GM Borla (Part No. 19303331) installed by the Dealer on my new at the time 18 Silverado (because I was dumb and felt like wasting $1,500). It was actually LOUDER than I wanted, and sold it on Craigslist for $400 and then had a simple Magnaflow 12589 installed for another $420 that is absolutely perfect sounding to me and is a nice sounding upgrade over stock. I think it's mostly the cost of the GM Borla that is crazy, the louder sound is exactly what a lot of folks want (but I didn't). I thought it sounded exactly like the Borla videos as well.
  8. I'm pretty sure mine are filled with spiders already. Someone should make some caps for these for sure.
  9. Yeah, the pics in this thread definitely show the blue-green tint to the 2018 Graphite color. It's even more obvious next to other actually grey cars like my neighbors 2015 Silverado in Tungsten or even my BMW 535 in Dark Graphite. This new Graphite seems to be a darker Blue Granite in many respects, at least to my eye. Overall, I am very happy with the color (although I probably would have chosen the silver if I was ordering.) My 2018 Silverado in Graphite My BMW in Dark Graphite (which is very close to the 2015 Tungsten)
  10. You can see some pics on their website. You have a choice of mounts which you slip into the gaps in the trim and then depending on your phone size you choose a device holder. In my case I have the Angled Dash Mount (for the right side). It comes with 3m double sided tape, but it holds fine without it and I've never felt the need to actually use it in any of my cars going 10+ years back. https://www.proclipusa.com/vehicle/dashboard-mounts/9734-chevrolet-silverado-1500-series/2018
  11. I have Pro-Clip's in both my car and truck. On the truck it's slightly over the passenger vent but it doesn't block much air or anything.
  12. I am really liking the Magnaflow 12589 I had installed. It has the stock OEM look and is about a 10% increase in volume with no added cabin noise. It's very mild compared to most of the options suggested here, but it's a nice upgrade over stock, IMO and under $500 installed. Most muffler shops nowadays will have matte black tips too.
  13. I wasn't a fan of how far down from the bumper it ended up being like a 70's hot rod, obviously made worse by my choice to not buy the huge 4" Borla tips. The kit was built imo for GM techs to slap it in with minimal effort and then just hide the jankiness of the routing with a huge tip on the 2.25" pipes. There really was no way for the custom exhaust shop to adjust it either without replacing the pipes either as there was nowhere to adjust them to. Lastly, it did turn out to be louder than I wanted, so at that point what's another $400 for a nice, boring, modest sounding Magnaflow 12589 with a single oem type exit when I've already spent $1500? So now I'm back to a stock look, it sounds great though with a nice moderate increase. you can see in the installation guide how the 4" tips would work
  14. Yeah, I'm turning 50 in a month and although I like the sound of the Borla, I would actually prefer a bit more stealthy sound most of the time. Get off my lawn! Stock was way too quiet though! It turns out there is no easy solution to addressing the Borla GM Performance dual rear exit exhaust and "taildragger" look due to how the existing system is configured. Even trying to move it up a few inches would require significant modification and cutting. I'm most likely just going to have the muffler shop unclamp the Borla past the flapper falve portion (and leave it installed) and install a 22" Magnaflow #12589 (3"/3") or equivalent along with a single side stock type exhaust with the 3" 6.2 Polished tip. I then would then sell the Borla on Ebay and take whatever I could get. Oh well. Note to all considering the GM Performance Exhaust: definitely get the dual SIDE exit version not the REAR. I had the Magnaflow 12589 and stock styled single 3" chrome tip installed today and it's perfect, soundwise, for me. About 15% louder than stock but a nice rumble when you get on it. I kept the flapper valve and forward parts from the Borla kit installed (since I didn't keep the oem exhaust) . If anyone in the Sacramento, CA area is interested in the Borla at a great price and who can deal with having it re-configured to look better, PM me. Just adding the very large 4" Borla tips and removing the 3" tips I had installed would help a lot.
  15. It doesn't appear that the Chevy dealership did anything wrong with the hangers on the Borla Touring "GM Performance" exhaust. The muffler shop guys said likewise since I asked them to see if there was an easy fix. I think the issue was that since I was going with 3" instead of 4" tips like the Borla, the gap from the bumper is exaggerated even more. I'll probably pay the extra in the future just to have them re-route the rear section of pipes into a single OEM look side exhaust somehow. sort of has that 1970's exhaust look to me (I'm old lol) definitely the new version with the box instead of bypass.....
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