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  1. omg were these the illuminated door handles? i've been looking for them forever
  2. here is a set of the DL3's mirror caps with high end LED strips that perform switchback function and are color matched oem paint for less than the cost of those mirrors. it achieves what you want done without needing to replace the entire mirror. https://www.midsouthled.net/collections/gm-tow-mirrors-and-tow-mirror-parts/products/2014-2018-silverado-sierra-switchback-mirror-caps-non-tow-mirror?variant=13626675036234
  3. morimoto ballasts are garbage, and my experience with the led bulbs they make for all things other than headlights do not seem to last long and suffer heat degradation with a much higher failure rate than every other major brand i’ve used. i’ve outfitted no less than 10 of my family members cars with all LED bulbs for interior and accent lighting and i’ve had to replace morimoto on numerous occasions. i’ve not had a single failure from any of the other brands, not once in 5 years. their headlight bulbs might be a different story as my experience with them is limited to this one experience and i didn’t try them with the hylux bulbs but they definitely have a subpar lux output comparatively to the top osram and philips bulbs. they are a budget bulb though so i think that’s kind of the significant take away is you can afford to replace them 2-3x’s as often if cost is your primary concern.
  4. i have a 2015 gmc sierra sle carbon 22 edition, ended up buying the 2015 GMC HD 2500 LED lights with the DRL in them. opened them up and swapped projectors for the rx350's with the sti-r clear lenses that were optically tuned and paired them with the xb35 morimoto ballasts and d2s 35w morimoto bulbs, diode dynamic switchback DRL. had nothing but problems with them, including the 7443 switchback bulbs from morimoto which i've replaced 3 times in less than a year. ended up re-opening and ditching all things morimoto for the 4th gen 45w hylux ballasts, the new osram 66240 cbb 7000K 35w bulbs, and the 7443 gtr lighting carbide switchback turn signals. shouldn't have let myself be convinced originally to go with the morimoto shit as it was against my better judgement but i listened to a seasoned retrofitter and wasted ton of money and time on subpar equipment. light output is far superior, i enjoy the color temp more its not really 7000k its more like 5500K as i know the higher watt ballasts step down the color temp some as well. much better performing component combination to compliment the rx350 and sti-r lens.
  5. people might be misinformed, it's been around for awhile. you can buy a ported L86 manifold and throttle body from gwatney, a ported throttle body from katech or lingenfelter, or a get the overpriced partial carbon fiber cold air intake and 103MM throttlebody from weaponxmotorsports. LS series block's are generation IV and LT series blocks are generation 5's. most of items from the other blocks can be adapted to be used on the L83 and L86, like the LT4 supercharger from the corvette and cts-v.
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