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  1. Detailing products

    ONR was a game changing product for me.
  2. Washing and Detailing

    I use mostly Adam’s, Wolfgang,and Blackfire. It’s fun to experiment.
  3. What brand of polisher?

    I have a Griots garage 6” and a Meguiar’s MT300. On the Griots I use Griots pads. On the Meguiar’s, I use Meguiar’s polishing discs. My Silverado was polished with Wolfgang polishes from Autogeek and is wearing Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant.
  4. Today's Wash And Shine

    Adam’s has good stuff. Nice truck!
  5. Black wax

    Blackfire Black Ice is good for black and dark colors. Looks slick and lasts decent. It’s sold at Autogeek.
  6. I may be wrong, but I’ve heard that the lifespan of factory base coat/ clear coat paint systems is about 10 years, so the clear coat may be on its way out. Sitting outside doesn’t help the lifespan I’m sure. The old lacquer paint they used to spray before the 90’s had a shorter lifespan, about 5 years before it started looking bad.
  7. Drying Towel

    ONR is excellent stuff.
  8. I use a Meguiar’s MT300 and Griot’s garage 6”.
  9. I too like Blackfire Wet Diamond on silver.
  10. Drying Towel

    Griot’s PFM towels are excellent. Very thick microfiber. One pass drying pretty much.

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