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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to the video. Thanks for the info on AFE too. Hopefully someone will make an off-road y-pipe soon. I would think there would be a decent market for something like that.
  2. Thanks for the details. Any chance of a sound clip or pics? I have been thinking about doing an off road y-pipe and keeping factory exhaust. I haven't had much luck finding just an off road y-pipe though.
  3. I would love some details on this. Factory manifolds? Factory exhaust?
  4. I have factory 22" (Option #CK162) wheels off of my 2015 Silverado I would like to sell. They have about 36k miles on them. They are gloss black and in good condition. Two very small rock chips. No curb rash. I also have the factory tires and lug nuts that will go with them. Tires also have 36k miles on them. Size is 285/45/22 and they are mounted, ready to go. No TPMS, used those in new wheels and tires. Would like to do FTF close to Knoxville, TN. Asking $900 OBO. [email protected] for pics.
  5. I think chrome looks good on darker colored vehicles.
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