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  1. I’m trying to find a good set of 5000k (white color) headlight bulbs that I can replace the stock with that is no hassle. I don’t know about HID/LED/halogen. It is for a ‘14 Sierra SLE. I want to avoid the blue light.
  2. 2014 Sierra SLE on stock wheels with a new set of Copper Discoverer AT3s in 275/65R18. And no air dam.
  3. I’m new to the forum, came here because I’m having issues with my ‘14 Sierra SLE V6. I bought it used in November at 36k, now it has 48k miles. I did have issues with the AFM when going from V6 down to V4 but plugged in a Diablo Sport module. Yesterday when I was running errands, I would have a severe shaking right after cranking it up, after putting it into and while in reverse, and after I come to a complete stop after braking. I did notice the RPMs would drop to 4-500 while this would happen. All other components are stock aside from the module.
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