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  1. Well, my truck finally moved up to 3400 - thank goodness. Still have a ways to go I know, but at least I'm not stalled out at 3000 still. C'mon baby! Fingers crossed no more delays! (Yeah right, lol)
  2. They should be giving you a code through the chat. It can take up to 24-48hrs for them to get it to you, as I don't think they have access to it in front of them. Who knows the reason, but I have so far been successful twice through the chat option.
  3. Well I decided to bug GM again to see if there was any movement... Got the same answer I got a couple weeks back. Won't have a TPW for 3-4 weeks. I mean there is nothing I can do about it, except hurry up and wait some more... but it's been just about 2 full months since I placed my order...
  4. The only hiccup was the running board issue, but we solved that a couple weeks back switching from the out of stock high clearance steps, to the power assist steps. So in theory there should be any issues on their end.
  5. So I heard back from GM after our chat yesterday... they said I won't have a TPW for another 3-4 weeks. 3-4 WEEKS?! wtf I thought being at 3000 things might be moving a bit quicker than that, wishful thinking I guess
  6. That's exactly what I did lol, thought the agent on the chat said they will have to email me once they get an update, which they said will take 24-48hrs...
  7. I bugged my dealer today, and found out my truck is currently at 3000. Though they never gave me the potential build date like some of you have been getting...
  8. Chatted with my dealer today, and they finally just got two allocations for AT4 HD's. Both are were spoken for, for factory orders (mine being one of them). Only snag, which others have touched on, is the high clearance step - which are back ordered, with no estimate on when they will be getting more. I had two options, keep the truck spec'd as is, but swap out the high clearance steps for the power folding steps, OR remove the premium plus package in which the high clearance steps are a part of, then re-build the truck to have all the options from the package piece by piece. End of the day, I decided to just opt for the power steps. I've already been waiting close to a month just for an allocation, I figured screw it... and went for the 'upgraded' steps. Only other fly in the ointment, is the computer chip shortage that seems to be plaguing not just vehicle manufactures, but anything else that requires these chips. Although they did say that if they do not have the chips at the time when they get to building the truck (and whatever else is on the line) they will complete the build, then install said chip(s) once they get them. Fingers crossed it will only be another 6 weeks till I get to see her!
  9. Just those with the 'premium' Bose system I believe. I'd like to keep the one that's there, and just add another one with a separate amp, etc.
  10. I put in an order for my truck at the beginning of this month (Feb) for a 3500 srw at4 diesel. Dealer said a safe window would be 3mo before I would see it. Fingers crossed it won't be longer than that. There were one or two trucks specd with the options I wanted locally, but they were either white or black (nothing against those colours) but I was dead set on the Pacific blue colour. Apparently colours other than the black and white aren't that popular? Seems odd.
  11. Saw someone in a 2018 (same as me) today that had his fogs on with just his DRL at dusk. Looked pretty cool, what is the option for this? I've been reading through this thread, but haven't come across it yet? Or more likely I'm just blind and/or dumb lol
  12. I suppose I should have asked, will the truck ride just as well on the stock setting as it would on the lifted levels? I just wondered if the lighter/lifted settings preload the springs more than on the stock setting? Seems I keep getting different opinions, so I'm second guessing everything lol
  13. So I recently purchased a set of the 5100's (all four corners) for my 2018. The plan is to just go up to maybe the third setting up front and leave the rear stock. I chatted to one of the local shops, which specializes in lifts/etc. And they recommend that I level the front with a lower strut mount extension (the 2" rough country for example) and keep the Bilsteins at the stock setting. Therefore the spring isnt preloaded as much, and gives a much better ride. Only issue, I'm thinking the 2" level night be too much. Really dont want any type of squat and still want a bit of a forward rake. Should mention I'm on stock wheels/tire size.
  14. Hey guys, Just picked up a 2018 1500, and looking to level the front a bit, like 1.5" to 2" tops From what I've read so far, it sounds like with the newer models, you should be replacing the uca, regardless of what leveling kit you go with. This true even with a slight level like a 1.5"? I'm keeping the stock 20" wheels and tires - at least for now lol -
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