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  1. I have taken my truck in twice to have it looked at for what I consider excessive DEF usage. My truck is a 2021 Denali that was a dealer demo that I bought with 3200 miles on it. The truck now has 11k miles on it and I have had to add 10gal of DEF. I asked the service person what was considered "Normal" DEF usage. The service rep stated that my usage was considered normal. When I asked what was considered excessive, he stated that he didn't know. Little more background. I have yet to tow anything with the truck. Most of my driving is back and forth to work with one trip from Colorado to Alabama. From what I have read on these forums, my usage would be considered normal if I was towing, which is understandable, but is this acceptable under normal conditions? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. I bought mine last May, it now has 16500 on it with no issues. I have to agree with MPX1. 1/2 Ton trucks are daily drivers and grocery getters. Time will tell but I love this truck.
  3. After reading some of the post, thought I would share. Most of the time I do my own maintenance on my cars and bikes. There have been times that I have used some of the local quick oil change places. I had a Nissan Altima that only went to the local quick oil change place because it was getting the oil changed monthly due to the amount of miles I was putting on the car. Now I go to the local Auto Hobby Shop on base. They have a lift and I do not have to worry about disposing of the waste oil. The bay rental is only 6.00 which to me is a small price to pay not to have to crawl under the truck. I like being able to get a good look at the bottom of the truck to see if there are any other issues.
  4. Every time I get in and start the truck, it adjust the ringer volume on my IPhone. Does anyone know of a setting in the radio or the phone that will stop this. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have never owned a 6.2l but have had several 5.3's in Chevy and GMC trucks. The 5.3 is a great engine and pretty good fuel economy, if you can keep your foot out of it...LOL The first time I test drove a 3.0l I wanted one. Tons more get up and go then the 5.3 add that to the fuel economy and it's a win/win for me. My last 5.3 would average about 15-16 for my 20 mile commute to work. The 3.0 is getting 21-23. I did the math and even if diesel is .25 more per gallon, I'm still saving money. I know they are a new motor and as with any first generation they are still trying to get the bugs worked out but so far so good. Love the truck.
  6. I took my truck in about 3 weeks ago to get the exhaust sensor replaced, and a couple of other issues. Since I got the truck back, I can't remember the truck shutting off. It used to do it at a couple of redlights on the way to work or when sitting in the drive thru. Don't know if I need to take the truck back or just let it go.
  7. Mine has been averaging about 1 bar per 500 miles. On my last trip from Alabama back to Colorado, I saw it do the two bar sudden drop. If the gauge reads 1/2 or less, it will take a full 2.5 gal jug. I was waiting and waiting for it to drop, then boom not one but two bars.
  8. As of today 6100. Love the power and the growl of the motor, it sounds like a truck....LOL. Least favorite, sensor issue and now problems with the navigation system. Should be scheduling an appointment with the dealer first of next week. Almost forgot, love the MPG!!! Average is about 7MPG over my last 5.3.
  9. It was the opposite with my 18 5.3. The DIC always showed about .5 - 1 mile better than the hand cal.
  10. Funny thing, I drove the truck to Alabama from Colorado on vacation. Light went out about 2 days before I left. When I got back and the truck was down to under 1/2 tank the light came back on. I filled up yesterday and this morning no light. Wierd.
  11. I would say a big yes. I am having the same issue with my GMC 3.0 and was told the same thing a month ago. Except the part about limiting my driving, I was told the truck was safe to drive. It is a shortage of parts across the board. I had a small accident while on vacation in Alabama which took out my drivers side mirror. No one in the country has the assembly and I have been waiting two weeks for the mirror assembly and the drivers side window glass with no expected delivery date.
  12. I would take it in any way to get it checked out. Light went out then came back on after I got back from a 2800 mile trip, it's still on. I called OnStar and it was the same code as before P1488 I believe. Gonna call the dealer today so see if there is any update on the parts.
  13. I have not had the opportunity to tow with it yet but so far yes. I have owned several 5.3's and have driven a 6.6 Duramax for work. The 5.3's are great engines but even the latest generation feels a little sluggish pulling off the line unless you really mash on the gas. The 3.0 you can really tell the difference. I thought there might be some issues when passing but have been well pleased.
  14. Me too. I was expecting closer to 27-30 for the trip. Especially after passing Ok City on the trip out. Now I do have a lead foot and had the cruise set at 80 for most of the trip. If I had kept it at 75 or below that would have probably gotten me into the 27 range. Still pretty impressed with the mileage I did get. I have also made a few trips to Denver and seen a 30 mpg average.
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