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  1. LOL!! You could also crank it, floor it, and slam it down into Low without touching the brake pedal. Ahhhh..... those were the days.
  2. Am I the only one who remembers these? I owned one and so did my parents. I don't recall any problems with it.
  3. Chart says 810HP not 1000. BIG difference when you start talking that sort of money. For the "standard" version I'd go with the $125K rangs. But for one loaded properly with brakes and suspension to handle that I'd put it around $145K or so. In 1997 the SLP camaro was $40K and over depending on dealer add ons. That was when a regular off the lot camaro z28 was around $20K .
  4. Bought my 2015 WT used last year with 104,000+. My first Chevy in quite a few years. According to the carfax all service had been done at the selling dealer since new and on schedule. The truck now has ~150,000. I had to replace a cracked AC condenser a couple of months ago but otherwise it's simply been maintain, gas, and drive. Trans fluid and filter changed. Coolant flush and front/rear diffs scheduled as soon as I get garage time. New plugs when I brought it home. Had a 5startuning tune installed and now the truck acts like a truck should. So far with the tune I'm averaging about 18mpg and I can live with that:-) Put Bilstein 5100's on it a few weeks ago and it handles better but doesn't ride as good as the OEM black shocks. I plan to maintain and drive this truck for many more miles. It's paid for, runs great, gets decent mileage, it's comfortable, quiet, and it looks good. I've made lots of mods to the interior to suit me and I like it just as it is. I pull a camper and a blower and exhaust are on the table for later this year otherwise.....just gonna drive it.
  5. Mercedes Benz has something like that but I can't remember what it's called. A few years ago they offered lifetime accident assistance for $300.00. If the car is in an accident they will contact you and get help. That's all it does but they recommend that you press the SOS button once a year to test the system. So I paid for that and would give Onstar the same thing for that service. Really.....that's about all I want/need from them.
  6. Oil change - 5.3 L83

    However......in light of this information I will, at the next oil change, fill with 8 quarts and let the truck sit overnight. In the morning I will pull the dipstick and make a new "FULL" mark. Or just buy a stick from a 2016. Anybody got a part number handy?
  7. Oil change - 5.3 L83

    according to the PI that tbarn posted it doesn't matter. 8 or 8.5 qts makes no difference since
  8. Oil change - 5.3 L83

    I always go by the mark on the dipstick. I use the recommended amount as a starter and if that fills it...fine. If not I add until the stick says full. And, if I remember correctly, it's always somewhere between 8 and 8.5 quarts.
  9. Need Tuner Advice

    Yeah....this truck should have come like this....or at least as a "performance" option. The long tubes and exhaust will be next but that may take a couple of months to save up some cash. Once that's done then we can start saving for the supercharger. But of course the MB is in the shop with a forked trans and that repair bill could sink that for this year
  10. Need Tuner Advice

    No dyno time. Your tune is likely the same as mine. They simply loaded the tunes and showed me what it was. They told me that dyno time wasn’t necessary and likely a waste since my truck was bone stock their custom tunes would be all I needed or could use right now. One the exhaust and blower go on......then we spend the $$$$ for dyno time. Sorry if I mis-lead.
  11. Need Tuner Advice

    Did the 5Star SCT X4 Friday. Actually I drove down and they did it. Had the 89 Perf/tow,89 Econ, and 93Perf/tow tunes loaded. AFM turned off. On the way home I got, and continue to get, about 17.5MPG. Truck runs and drives like it should. Plenty, and I mean PLENTY, of power at the stoplight. Shifts nice and firm like it should and the motor winds out before upshifting. And doesn't have to drop down 3 or 4 gears to go uphill. Passing takes a slight pressure on the pedal. It's night and day. THIS is what the truck should have been off the lot. Long tubes and exhaust are next.
  12. Need Tuner Advice

    thankx tim. as you can see I've been looking for a "best" solution for me and my truck. Most of the units I listed do not stay plugged in. and doug.....from the Diablo website: "The Predator 2 Platinum comes preloaded with powerful tuning and also features custom tuning capability via DiabloSports nationwide network of CMR custom tuners."
  13. Need Tuner Advice

    Without starting a new thread and looking for the same info here's what I have looked at so far. I've no need for the monitoring display. All I want to do is tune the truck, scan and clear error codes, and makes changes like speedo calibration, AFM on/off, etc. 1.) Diablo Predator2 Platinum - This one seems to be the most bang for the buck. Will do everything I want to do at a reasonable price of $334.95. https://www.diablosport.com/shop/predator-2-platinum-for-gm-gas-truck-and-suv.html 2.) BlackBear EFILive AutoCal - Does everything and more. But it's $599.00 and it actually does more than I need. http://store.blackbearperformance.com/EFILive-AutoCal-Tuning-System_p_8.html 3.) Bully Dog BDX this statement "This Product does not support any changes to your vehicle’s emission system." pretty much ended that. $399.00 4.) Bully Dog GT Gas - Doesn't look like it will read and clear error codes. I may be wrong.$429.00 But I gotta give BD kudos for their pricing. https://www.bullydog.com 5.) HP Tuners MPV12 - Needs a laptop to to anything. And this does a lot more than I need or want but I don't think it does code scanning/clearing. Plus you have to but "credits" at 50 bucks a pop to do anything with it. That could run into some serious cash. Basic tuner is $299.99 plus whatever credits you would need. In my case I would need 2 so 299.99 plus 49.99 (2) =399.97 https://www.hptuners.com/mpvi2/ 6.) SCT X4 from Unleashed Tuning - Seems to do everything. Has built in WiFi and real time on screen monitoring. Comes with one custom tune and room for 10. $399.99 http://www.unleashedtuning.com/sct-x4-gm-power-flash-programmer/ 7.) EFI Live Autocal from 5 Star Tuning - Seems to do it all and comes with 1 preloaded "custom" tunes. Additional tunes are $10.00 This one seems , to me, the most interesting. $449.95 https://5startuning.com/product/2014-2021-silveradosierra-5-3l-efi-live-autocal-choice-5-star-tuning-custom-tunes/ And that just scratches the surface. Hopefully others will come on here and add more info since I'm sure there are things I've overlooked. eta: I am going with the 5 Star Tuning. They're only about 60 miles from me and I have an appt. Friday for a custom tuning and tuner.

    for looks......1953 5 window custom cab. The 65 big window Fleetside is a close second. And fwiw.....back then the truck could be ordered with any motor/tranny combo in the catalog. Don't get me wrong....the new trucks are nice. Smooth power quiet all sorts of convenience stuff. I like my '15 enough to say it may be the best truck I've ever had. But only time will tell that.

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