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    2015 Silverado 1500WT

    for looks......1953 5 window custom cab. The 65 big window Fleetside is a close second. And fwiw.....back then the truck could be ordered with any motor/tranny combo in the catalog. Don't get me wrong....the new trucks are nice. Smooth power quiet all sorts of convenience stuff. I like my '15 enough to say it may be the best truck I've ever had. But only time will tell that.
  2. I had the IO4 radio and WT DIC cluster. I kept the IO4, replaced the cluster and steering wheel, did the wiring as per instructions, and it worked great. I just changed the radio to the 8” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and it all works. Backup cam as well. If I remember correctly someone said, because I had to ask, that the steering wheel controls wouldn't work with the WT cluster. So swapping the wheel and cluster is the first order of business.
  3. If all you want is the steering wheel controls I would guess that you just need to get the wheel and do the wiring. Mine worked with my IO4 unit so I see no reason it wouldn’t work with yours.
  4. You wouldn't happen to have a PnP harness for that would you
  5. kinda what I thought but best to hear from an expert. thanks Phil!!!
  6. Gonna pick this up instead of starting a new thread. I have the auto dim rear view mirror. I want that to work. Not interested in changing the side mirrors I like the factory cheapies. But the auto dim rearview....I gotta have it. What do I need just for this? Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. The Alpine says it retains the steering wheel controls.....right? Do you still have the factory stereo module in place? If that's the case then I'd go for the full wiring. Add the 5 at the module and the one at the clockspring. Either it works or it doesn't. At this point with your investment in the Alpine and cluster it seems a no brainer just to try it. I think I still have some extra wires to do the mod with the connectors already fitted. If you want to try it I can send those to you. Let me know if you want them and I'll look to be sure so don't thank me just yet
  8. If your steering wheel controls work on the Alpine I would guess the one wire from the clockspring to the cluster is all you lack. Adding that would take maybe 30 minutes. I did mine without removing the steering wheel. The possibilities are that a.) it doesn't work at all b.) it works exactly as it should and you have 100% controls and display info. or c.) you have display control but limited audio info on the display. And my guess would be c. I'd go for it anyway. Like Nitro said.....it would be a lot of help for everyone. Let us know. btw: How do you like that Alpine? It looks huuuuge in the pics.
  9. Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down On This Buick Wagon?

    I like to see a bit more underhood pics but yeah....if I had a spare 10 grand laying around I'd buy it.
  10. what's that saying????? It's only money, I have full confidence in your ability to make more. And well worth the effort and cost. I really missed the steering wheel controls and agree that these should be standard equipment on any vehicle. The color DIC is nicer to look at too and easier to scroll between screens.
  11. fwiw-my clock spring wire colors were same as yours. Pin 2 was green/black. So like you that's where I tapped. UPS shows the cluster out for delivery so we'll find out tonite. All of the wiring is done and everything is back in place except for the nice new cluster. drum roll please..................................IT WORKS I feel like that commercial...so simple a caveman could do it. I mean if I can do it without a hiccup.... hell...anyone can do it. The wiring took about 3 hours but a lot of that was going over and over the wiring to be sure I had it right before I put it all back together. Everything works just like it should. It did take the TPMS about halfway down the drive to calibrate before it came up. And I can't get Trip A screen to come up. Trip B comes up but that may just be a setting I need to play with since I also have a blank info screen. A kinda pisser is the truck had an XM subscription when I bought it. I don't use it but it was kinda nice to have. That's gone but that could be due to sitting all day with the battery disconnected. OH well.....XM sucks anyway. Nothing like it once was. Anyway...thanks to WAMS programming, NitroDatsik's wires and Harlech's instructions it went perfectly. At this point total cost is about $680.00. That's a new non-heated wheel, Z71 cluster, programming, wires, and the related shipping from my end. Add in the reverse camera and I'm into the upgrades for about $855. I'm happy with the IO4 radio so that should just about do it for me. Thanks to EVERYONE for everything!!! eta: read the manual (who does that) and got the Trip A up instead of B. Also got my engine hours screen that unfortunately didn't carry over with programming so I start at 0.0 hours. Cleared the blank screen.
  12. Nice video Jorge! Exactly what I needed. Thanks again!!
  13. Can someone post a pic of the clock spring harness plug as it's situated? Everything else is pretty clear but I'm not sure where that plug is located physically. Thanks in advance! Steering wheel is on. Wires made up and ready. Cluster en route from WAMS. Getting closer.
  14. Not a lot done at this point. Swapped the wheel....easy once you figure out how to release the air bag. Of course the audio controls don't work. Finally, after dozens of emails to WAMS, found the correct part number for my 2015.5 model. According to Chris there were some software changes made mid-year and a 2015 or 2016 cluster wouldn't work in my truck. My part number is 23259637 (replaced by 84054168). Once I get it all together I'll update this as to whether the IO4 will work or not. It's a temporary situation if not. But if everything works like I want the small radio will stay.
  15. Anyone try this keeping the IO4 radio? Gonna have to hold off on that upgrade for a while. WAMS has the cluster for programming and Jorge has made up my connecting wires (thanks again!!!!) so the cluster should be installed next week hopefully. A pile of $$$ just to get the steering wheel audio controls working.

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