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  1. I know this was almost exactly 5 years ago, but I want to ask you Clint if you ever found out the cause of your overheating when towing? My situation is the same but with a 5.3 liter 2003 suburban. Had a 2002 suburban for 16 years and towing ~5000lbs the thing barely ever got hot at all. Hardly remember the gauge going past ~1 o'clock ish on the worst grades in the Sierra's going up to Tahoe. Now I have the 2003 with an E-Fan, towing Cam, and cold air intake mods along with a tune from BlackBearPerformance and the damn thing is almost hitting the red when going up the same grades in the Sierra's. Any ideas on why the heck this is happening?
  2. Kyle - I'm determined to get Auto Climate Control in my 2015 Silverado I just picked up. Thanks for the detail on how you were able to accomplish this. I have everything on order now, down to the molex connectors that are needed in your description above. What I cannot find is the wiring diagram of the X1/X2/X3/X4 connectors into the Control Module. Can you please let me know where you found that so I can grab it . BTW, my new control module 13591693 has J1,J2,J3,J4 not the X.... I assume your had it as well? And the driver upper and lower duct temp sensors - where did you mount them?
  3. Victor, Wondering if you ever got the entire thing working? I am very interested in doing the conversion . I want to get the auto climate control to work but I dont need the dual climate function, just single to work. I am thinking many of the innerds of the system need to be changed to get the DUAL climate to work, but maybe if I care only about a single climate control only a couple of other items need changing Control module 13591693 perhaps? BTW, I also get the 'auto' button to work. Just as you described, if you turn the HVAC unit completely off by pushing the fan button then click on the 'auto' button it does turn it on in auto mode. Does not seem to control the fan speed 100% correctly but its real close to working correctly. Temp seems to be controlled ok. And it switches from Dash air for cold to bottom air for heat which is what it should be doing. damn close! I am going to try the inner control module 13591693 as I describe above which is the one for the auto temp control. It might just be what is needed. I'll report back. What I dont know is where this module is located! If anyone knows, please let me know.
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