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  1. Anyone? These have the cameras, power fold, task lights, heat
  2. Set of Tech Pkg mirrors & door harnesses from a 2020 AT4. I believe the mirrors only fit GMC. $775 shipped in the lower 48 for the package.
  3. I believe there is a sensor, but there is a programming issue between it & the "gauge" display. I can watch the DEF level drop on my I-Dash as you would expect when putting on miles. The gauge on the truck display had been going down & then went back up to 1/2 while my I-Dash read 0.
  4. Well you've been one of the guinea pigs on swapping mirrors might as well continue, ?, let me know what happens when you drive with it removed. Did you wire the rear facing task lights on yours? Wondering if I should be able to just run the wire to the door frame harness, as I swapped the in door harness when I did the mirrors.
  5. So WAMS can reprogram/calibrate the video module https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-vpm-programming/ 1. It's located behind the rear seat? 2. What problems/codes will it cause using the truck while it's removed to get reprogrammed?
  6. Have you looked at what it would take to get the cameras working correctly if swapping to tow mirrors? Thanks
  7. Did a 2500mi road trip this past week. Out to Colorado & then back to Wisconsin. Was averaging 22-26 mpg. -Nebraska seems to have crappy fuel, had lower mileage both ways after filling up there. Had just had my oil changed the week before & the dealer filled the DEF for me - used about 40% of it over this trip, was still at 25% before the oil change with around 4850mi. My adaptive cruise disabled itself at one point - right after the sun came up heading into it. Not sure if that caused it, after stopping to fill up about an hour later it was working again. There seems to be a mileage point at which it will do a regen, whether the DPF is at 100% or not. Driving I-70 over the continental divide actually had the soot load going down without a regen. After about 4 hours of driving seems to also have the DPF soot load hold pretty steady or decrease.
  8. I believe these may be your only option without customizing some intended for the Silverado
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