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  1. I tried to order earlier this week from one of the discount GM sales sites & got an email that the switches & fuse block kit are on back order
  2. Would you share the details of the battery cable? Piece of wire & some crimp on ends? If I can save $40 I have no problem making one.
  3. Have any more pics of these? Thinking about getting a set.
  4. Did you just use a diode? Care to share where it has to go or a link to directions? Thanks
  5. If you have time could you post a pic of the screen & the skewed view? I'll try to go talk to a dealer next week & get a price for the tow mirrors & see what they say about correcting the surround view
  6. I bought my truck in Naples, FL, dealing by email & had the truck shipped here to WI - I think it was about a 1400mi trip for $850. I think I got lucky & the guy had one spot left to fill on his truck because he picked it up within hours of setting up the transport. I dealt with Goliath Auto Transport & have no complaints about their service.
  7. Yes, please post them. I plan to get the tow mirrors in the future. Did you guys have the dealer do any calibration/programming for the cameras?
  8. Did you see this? Don't know if the wiring would be the same from 19 to 20. Keep us updated on how you get it to work
  9. Ended up being $1370+tax for the entire front - bumper, grill surround, head & fog lights, 18" section of the hood, & the door sills
  10. Did the dealer have to program this at install?
  11. Dropped my truck off the XPEL installed on the front end
  12. Just bumping this up if anyone has the top tier tow mirrors they'd like to trade for the standard size mirrors
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