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  1. Hello all, I just bought a 2018 2500HD Denali. My key fob does not work, I've tried to program it and no luck. When I try to put the truck into program mode using the Unlock Button on door and cycle key twice I get nothing but I can put the truck in fob learn mode with my snapon scanner, have tried two fobs, new batteries and truck will not recognize it. Any ideas?
  2. I like GMPartsDirect too but they don't have much listed for the 2500HD. For example under "HOOD" all they have is the hinges. I found it odd that that don't list all the parts.
  3. I'm looking for Brand New / Like New OEM Fenders & Brackets, Core Support, Paintable Bumper With Fogs (No Sensors) and 2017 HD Hood. Let me know what you have! Who's the best OEM Parts dealer to buy from?! GMPartsDirect doesn't have a good diagram of parts on their site...
  4. Yes sir it's leather. I can snap you some pictures, what's the easiest way to get them to you?
  5. I'm interested. Do you know if the Silverado/Sierra are the same? I have a 2015 Silverado with jump seat
  6. Just an offer. Used parts usually sell for half the cost of new...
  7. These are $210 new from Retro Fit Source... $125 Shipped?
  8. Hello, I have a 2015 SLT and noticed that my passenger side headlight LED bars have stopped working. The top bar flickers when I unlock the truck but that's it. Any ideas?
  9. I wonder how hard it would be to swap out for my 8Speed
  10. The picture shows an overlay but that style of grille is sold as a whole as well, trying to find one already summit white with the chrome insides
  11. Does anyone sell a Denali style grille that's summit white surround & chrome inserts?
  12. Was reading the other day and noticed some have swapped the 1 piece shaft for a 2 piece shaft and was wondering would this help reduce the clunk I get shifting form PARK to REVERSE? The clunk is annoying. I have a 15 Sierra 6.2 with the 8Speed and it's terrible. I am embarassed to shift into reverse if there's people around, the clunk is very noticeable!
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