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  1. Morimoto xb foglights

    Just an offer. Used parts usually sell for half the cost of new...
  2. Morimoto xb foglights

    These are $210 new from Retro Fit Source... $125 Shipped?
  3. LED Board Not Working!

  4. Hello, I have a 2015 SLT and noticed that my passenger side headlight LED bars have stopped working. The top bar flickers when I unlock the truck but that's it. Any ideas?
  5. 2018 L86 6.2 & 4X4 10L80 Transmission

    I wonder how hard it would be to swap out for my 8Speed
  6. WTT Method NVs 17x8 and 285/70/17 ko2

    PM Sent!
  7. White Grill?

    The picture shows an overlay but that style of grille is sold as a whole as well, trying to find one already summit white with the chrome insides
  8. White Grill?

    Does anyone sell a Denali style grille that's summit white surround & chrome inserts?
  9. Was reading the other day and noticed some have swapped the 1 piece shaft for a 2 piece shaft and was wondering would this help reduce the clunk I get shifting form PARK to REVERSE? The clunk is annoying. I have a 15 Sierra 6.2 with the 8Speed and it's terrible. I am embarassed to shift into reverse if there's people around, the clunk is very noticeable!
  10. Shock Install Questions

    What tool is recommended for the job? What type of shop would have this and can do it for me?
  11. Shock Install Questions

    I think our local auto parts store has a MacPherson compressor tool that they rent out, I think that should be fine for the job.
  12. Shock Install Questions

    Well that sounds easy enough! Guess I will get it on the lift and get to wrenching!
  13. Shock Install Questions

    What about control arms, ball joints or anything else that needs un done?
  14. Shock Install Questions

    What all needs removed or unbolted to remove the whole assembly out, if any of you guys remember off the top of your head! PS Thank you all for commenting, love this forum but hate my 8Speed! HAHA!
  15. Shock Install Questions

    So does this video not pertain to our trucks that are 2014+

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