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  1. I have spent about 3 days searching through these forums to hopefully find an answer to this question. However, I cannot find anything that sounds exactly like my problem. While driving my 2014 Silverado, I never have a problem if I accelerate quickly. However, there has been skipping/sputtering when I coast or slowly accelerate. I figured it was the V8 to V4 transfer causing like I have read in the forums, but after using a buddies tuner and keeping it in V8 mode...I still was feeling what is best described as a skipping/slight thudding sound under the hood. I have mentioned it twice to the service center, but of course they say nothing shows up on their diagnostic report. This is not a clicking, loud knocking sound like I see most describe on here... Anyone have any idea what it could be? Thanks in advance! If needed I can try and video the sound later on today.

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