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  1. They quit making country music a while ago.
  2. You'll get worse gas mileage in cold weather. I imagine Ontario is pretty darn cold right now.
  3. Sorry, not my experience and we ran twice. Maybe he was burning regular and I've talked to mine a little.
  4. My 2018 has the 5.3 and to be honest it's got some zip, more than the old 96 Ram with the 360 I had. I didn't buy a truck to be a hot rod I have a Mustang GT for that and if you pull your 6.2 next to it and get froggy you're going to get a good look at my taillights.
  5. What, a person can't put an opinion out without someone getting his panties in a wad? Please enlighten me as to why you think those tailgates are so wonderful. If you need a step use your bumper. What else is it good for???
  6. I like the looks of the new Chevy,1500, the front of the GMC looks like crap and that new tailgate is a joke and a waste of good money.
  7. Y'all knew this was going to happen when you went on strike, now you have to live with it.
  8. I love loaners. You have to look them over pretty well and it helps to have a nephew that works in the service department. The last vehicle was for Mrs. Sheepdog and had 1700 on the clock. It was immaculate and priced right, nephew got me over there when he saw it going up for sale.
  9. I bet Kool Aid sales are strong up there in Canada.
  10. I keep one of each, 2018 Silverado, 2005 Mustang GT, handy just for whatever mood I'm in that day.
  11. I got four free oil changes with the truck. Just got the second one, the serviceman told me it's all synthetic now.
  12. Four way under the seat, phone charger, pens, hairbrush, flashlight, ibuprofen, tums in the console and a 9mm on me.
  13. Read up on the largest estimate of continuous oil that USGS has ever assessed in the United States. Fact is the United States has enough oil to keep internal combustion cars on the roads for years to come. Screw Tesla, screw Marcone. Screw Barra. Screw the globalists. Until a more efficient, less costly way of transportation is perfected the internal combustion engine is here to stay as long as people don't buy into the BS. Wonder why the schools are nothing but indoctrination centers? https://www.usgs.gov/news/usgs-estimates-20-billion-barrels-oil-texas-wolfcamp-shale-formation https://www.ogj.com/articles/uogr/print/volume-1/issue-3/urtec-wolfcamp/wolfcamp-shale-graduates-to-world-class-play.html
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