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  1. I though mine was just a one off issue, but it isn't. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't; about 50/50 right now. And at times, the light on my park assist button will go crazy for about 10 seconds flashing in a random pattern. Think it might be a loose connection somewhere. Dreading taking it in. Guess I need to because I got the code for the famous brake malfunction at 500 miles. Not quite 4,000 yet.
  2. I have the adaptive cruise control, and for the most part, I don't use. I usually just use manual. It works OK, but every once in a while it go nuts if someone is say two lanes over and moves one lane closer, or changes lanes across you. Red lights flash on the windshield from the HUD, and slams on the brakes. I have people behind me take evasive manuevers and there glare at me like I can't drive lol. Hopefully there is a software update soon. Where it does shine is on the interstates when you are just following someone. Works great. But on Houston freeways with people changing lanes a lot and moving around, not so much.
  3. 2WD with 8L90, or 4WD with 10 speed? I've been in the transmission business for 20 plus years, and if it is a transmission shudder I assure you that it is not normal, and will cause issues eventually. If it is the 10 speed, Ford recently came out with a very expensive additive (about 70 bucks) that helps with these issues. Going off of memory right now, but I think it's called X-16. It's a shared venture transmission, so it may help in a GM also.
  4. That could be; I’m in Houston and it’s flat as a board. I also coast and time lights when I can. I’m not trying to save gas, it’s just how I drive. However, driving up and down hills shouldn’t matter to much since your going down as much as you usually go up. Altitude definitely matters.
  5. I've gone through 8 tanks of fuel since I've had my truck. I was averaging 19.4 with DFM, and in the 3 tanks since I've had my Range, I'm averaging 20.1. That's all hand calculated, and my driving mix is fairly constant. My first tank I noticed a drop of about 1 mpg, but has since gone up.(shrugs) Some more time will tell.
  6. Agreed. You probably wouldn't miss it if you never had it kind of thing. Big difference for me also!
  7. Same thing on my 2020 last night on the way home. I’m sure it will be fine this morning.
  8. I can tell you that the tail pipe exit is 2 3/4. My best guess would be that it’s the same. You can probably look at it or measure the O.D. Of the tailpipe and do the same to the rest to confirm.
  9. I need something for there also. Everything slides in it and drives me nuts
  10. My 5.3 with the 8 speed appears to be 1MPG less after one tank of gas. Well worth the reduced damage to the engine and increased smoothness
  11. As I mentioned previously, it does disable ASS.
  12. I never noticed the DFM working at all; until I disabled it. For me, noticeably smoother and more responsive. I'll know soon what impact it has on fuel economy.
  13. I don’t think you will be able to without the Bose amp at a minimum. Bose speakers are 8 ohm, and everything else is 4 ohm.
  14. I know it’s not the answer to you particular question, but I have the walnut interior also. I ordered dark brown weathertechs, and they are a perfect match to the walnut.
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