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  1. Got her. Here she is next to my 08. Love it. I did the test drive and she was smooth up to 70. On my 950 mile home I noticed a vibration at 78-80 and then it clears up so I'm thinking it's a tire issue. Will bring it to my local dealer for a road force balence and go from there
  2. New Truck Break-in

    Well I got her... 14 hour 965 mile drive home. I varied rpms for the first couple hundred miles dropping it into 5 and 4th at times. I would downshift and load it up when exiting highways and get on it hard when merging. When I hit 400 miles cruise went on but I would vary speed. Best I could do. Wish I could off heat cycled it but no time. She got a 2 hour break after 10 hours on the road. I love it
  3. New Truck Break-in

    I will be dumping the oil when I get home. My usual routine for new cars. 1000-2000 mile oil change.
  4. New Truck Break-in

    LOL. 55 for 500 miles aint happening.
  5. New Truck Break-in

    I will definitively be doing this.
  6. I am picking up my new Sierra from out of state tomorrow and driving it 1000 miles back home. Anything I should be concerned about regarding break-in?
  7. Well I bit the bullet. Flying out to Illinois Friday to pick her up. Thanks everyone
  8. Child seats in Sierra CC

    Thanks for the pics. This helps a bunch. Looks like plenty of room.
  9. Child seats in Sierra CC

    Really not an option as I am flying out of town to get the truck. Can you move your seat all the way back with forward facing?
  10. So I'm close to pulling trigger on a Sierra Cc this week. I have 2 kids one forward facing seat and one rear facing. I am tall and like my seat all the way back. Can this still be achieved with the car seats installed?
  11. I will say that if my 2008 wasnt turning into a rust bucket I would probably keep it. I love it Bed is rusting and now I just saw bubbles on the hood. Kills me because I took such good care of it. I do have the need for a crew cab now that the family grew to 4.
  12. Well I guess I need to get to selling my 08 and a plane ticket to St Louis as the dealers around here do not have what I want or the prices. Thanks everyone. Anything I should look for while test driving other then the shake/vibration?
  13. I'm looking at a 2018 Sierra SLT crew cab std bed. 52k truck I can get for 37k minus my 3500 gm card points. What would you do? Is the new truck going to be worth the extra money?
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I just viewed the window sticker and saw it has 3.08 gears. Not really happy with that since I tow my jeep/crawler a few times a year. But it seems that this truck with 3.08s will tow better then my 4spd 3.73s...
  15. Its a family friend selling it so I am getting a deal on it and have someone interested in my 08. We will see if it works out.

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