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  1. I came from a 08 Sierra and I would h ave to say the ride was much better in that truck. I have had my 18 about 6 months now and nave gotten use to the stiffer suspension. I am thinking the tires might have a big role in the ride. My last truck have 20" Michelin's and was so smooth. I put 18" winter tires on it about a month ago and it have noticed a bit of a better ride.
  2. Frame Coating

    Had my 08 done with this stuff. It wont stick to the way and runs. Pretty much useless and ugly.
  3. I have a winter set of 17" factory rims and tires from my 2008 Sierra. Since winter int he northeast kills rims I was wondering is my 2008 17"ers will fit my 2018 Sierra?
  4. In June I upgraded from an 08 Sierra DC to an 18 CC SLT due to a growing family. I was contemplating waiting for a 2019 but could not pass up the deals they were giving on the 2018. I have to say I am glad I made that decision. Now that the 2019s are hitting the lots I am happy with my decision. I am just not feeling the new body style. The interiors look very similar. I actually think my 2018 looks nicer both inside and out. Time will tell. Maybe the 2019s will grow on me but right now I am happy with my choice.
  5. I dont know if you are set on a Denali but I picked up my 2018 SLT CC 6.5 foot bed for a few thousand less then that used truck.
  6. Im in the Northeast as well. Sold my 08 Sierra privately and flew out to Laura in June. Deals were crazy. Got my 18 Sierra CC SLT for $32.5 after GM Card points No local dealer could come close. They were off by $7k-8k.
  7. Where exactly does the shim go on trucks with adjustable pedals?
  8. Got her. Here she is next to my 08. Love it. I did the test drive and she was smooth up to 70. On my 950 mile home I noticed a vibration at 78-80 and then it clears up so I'm thinking it's a tire issue. Will bring it to my local dealer for a road force balence and go from there
  9. New Truck Break-in

    Well I got her... 14 hour 965 mile drive home. I varied rpms for the first couple hundred miles dropping it into 5 and 4th at times. I would downshift and load it up when exiting highways and get on it hard when merging. When I hit 400 miles cruise went on but I would vary speed. Best I could do. Wish I could off heat cycled it but no time. She got a 2 hour break after 10 hours on the road. I love it
  10. New Truck Break-in

    I will be dumping the oil when I get home. My usual routine for new cars. 1000-2000 mile oil change.
  11. New Truck Break-in

    LOL. 55 for 500 miles aint happening.
  12. New Truck Break-in

    I will definitively be doing this.
  13. I am picking up my new Sierra from out of state tomorrow and driving it 1000 miles back home. Anything I should be concerned about regarding break-in?
  14. Well I bit the bullet. Flying out to Illinois Friday to pick her up. Thanks everyone
  15. Thanks for the pics. This helps a bunch. Looks like plenty of room.

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