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  1. Hey tenscourts! been a while since I checked in here. Winter is over in the northeast and I'm already planning out my next mods. before the snow flew I added a winch on the front, with a bumper kit. Works great. I just need to move my two center parking sensor up into the winch mount. I like the flares you have. what kind are they and were they hard to install? I'm also looking at a little bit of a lift. I put a 2.25" leveling kit on the front a year ago, and like it, but I just need a little more height. Maybe 3" -4". I wonder if there's a level kit they can put on in addition to my leveling kit. I want it higher, but level too. Only other thing I did recently was have an antenna mount installed on the roof for my ham radio so I don't have to use that damn mag mount. came out fine. I think I want to add some amber LEDs in the grille too like the raptor has. I like that look.
  2. OK. got a few switch banks and combined switches to match my options. Now I've got to pin out the connector to figure out what's what. Once I know which pins cover which functions I'll be able to hook everything up correctly. It was a real nightmare getting the switches out of the housing. My final configuration is all momentary switched with a board from GM part number 23145202. It originally had pedals, stability, cargo lights, park assist, lane keep, hill assist, and exhaust brake. I don't have lane keep, hill assist or exhaust brake as options on my truck, so I replaced those with three aux switches. I think it's going to be a bit of work to figure out the pin outs. It looks like every version varies some, but I'm hoping that there's some commonality at least with the options I do have. That way those items should work just like before when i plug in the new switch bank. I just have to figure out which pins go to the other three switches now and if there are led returns. I know the exhaust brake is going to be on the smaller connector on the back, so it's just aux 1 and 2 I need to identify. I'm hoping the pin out looks like this Pin function Note 1 LED Backlight Dimming Control 2 LED Indicator Lights Dimming control I hope this powers the indicator LEDs on the three aux switches too 3 I'm hopoin this is signal for Aux 2 4 or this is the signal for aux 2 5 I hope this is the lane keeper led signal which is now aux 1 switch 6 rear park assist LED disable 7 not sure 8 I hope this is aux 1 signal 9 park assist disable signal 10 not used - upfitter 11 not used - upfitter 12 not used - upfitter 13 not used - upfitter 14 ground 15 adjustable pedals rearward signal 16 adjustable pedals forward signal 17 traction control signal 18 cargo lamp signal and for the exhasut brake connector 1 PTO - not used 2 PTO - not used 3 Run/crank Ignition - not used 4 Exhaust brake LED now my Aux 3 5 Exhaust brake signal now my aux 3 6 not used
  3. I installed two led strip and just wired them into the connector for the existing bed lights. I only use the strips now and it's 100 times better! Used mictuning 60" strips from amazon for $30 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JUE9OLM/ref=twister_B07BWSJ9KY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 They already have a good 3m adhesive strip on the back and the 60" was a perfect fit along my tonneau cover rail. just disconnected the existing bed lights and tapped into those connectors as a 1 for 1 replacement so I didn't need the wiring harness that comes with them. I just use the regular cargo light switch in the cab like I always did. I just did the diode mod to allow them to come on when you hit the unlock key on the fob. I like that too but you only get 30 seconds before you have to hit it again. My wife wants a switch back there so that's going on my list of future projects.
  4. Sorry for the delay. Hunting season has started up here in the great North and cell is spotty at the camp! The dealer didn't put the part number on my receipt but it does say "bugflector" and I know it's the lower profile one so I think 25131 is the part number for my 2018 Sierra 1500
  5. i just got the AVS too. Low profile, and looks good. Only been on a day so can't say how it performs but so far so good.
  6. Pics and truck look great! BTW, how do you get your truck profile to show up at the bottom of your posts? I kinda like that.
  7. I’m interested in doing the same thing, I think. I already have the factory bed lights, but I want to replace them with led strips that run down most of the sides. Let me know how this goes please and I may copy you.
  8. I only have the ground from the ACR to the fuse block. The other red wire goes to my radio in the cab. It does look like it though. I confirm that it disconnects about 60 seconds after shutting the engine off and reconnects about about 30 seconds after I start the engine. I want to put the switch in the cab someday too, but just popping the hood to manually connect them works for now. I may want to find an equivalent switch with blue backlighting to match dash lighting. I’d also like to find a way to cover those studs on the ACR. I dont like having those exposed on the hot side. I think I’ll add those under hood lights you have next....
  9. Well, finally got all the parts this week and installed everything yesterday. It's working perfectly. I don't have much hooked up to the aux battery yet other than my ham radio. Only differences from your install were; I used heavy duty velcro to lock down the items. Works ok, but the ACR is heavy enough that without it being wired up, it did come loose. the other higher components all stayed put with the velcro and even the ACR is good once it's wired. with the velcro, I can pull stuff a bit easier to get at things if I need to. I had to file the 5/16 negative terminal to get it to fit at a decent angle on the starter battery terminal. I also trimmed the cover that goes on the positive side of the power distribution cover on the starter battery to accommodate the positive wire. I connected to one of the open slots on this distribution panel, since those are already fused. I used woven mesh wire cover mostly. Otherwise, same same. I really appreciate all the documentation you put here. It helped me tremendously.
  10. great. thanks again for the info. I got my new battery tray and hold downs this week and installed them without any issue. going to get the battery today, then wire everything up. I'll keep you posted. all your info has been very helpful. I can verify that these parts, all from amazon, fit perfectly in my 2018 SLT to replace the original, useless battery tray. easy swap out GM 22989633 TRAY ASM-BODY BAT General Motors, RETAINER, 14005061 GM 11519527 BOLT ASM - HX HD W/CON WA
  11. Great. Thanks for the info. I think I’ll try high strength industrial Velcro and see how that works. Also, what gauge wires did you run from batteries and to the fuse block? I was going to run OO to/from batteries/isolator and 6 gauge to fuse box. And it looks like there is another battery connection on the side of the battery that you tap for the fuse box? Lastly, some folks have talked about aux battery throwing a caution light, probably due to sensor detecting unusual loads. Had any of this issue? sorry to be a pain, just want to plan it out as nicely as you’ve done.
  12. I'm thinking of doing the same thing on my 2018 Sierra SLT. How did you mount the boxes on the battery and isolator on the electronics box? Velcro? Epoxy?
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