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  1. Exactly! It’s messed up man! I left a nasty review on their page. The problem I have is that they voided it without providing proof the lift did anything. So I asked him to show the proof that the lift caused the failure and I’ll take it to the lift shop. He said for “189 dollars an hour he can open it up and tell me what’s going on. “ so I told him that in order to deny it, they have to prove it caused the malfunction. Getting no where with them. It’s Bommaritto Chevrolet in St. Louis, Missouri if anyone on here lives near there so they can be aware.
  2. I believe it was. It came in a kit they ordered and they do hundreds of those type of lifts. They haven’t had any issues with it.
  3. It should be. It was installed by a professional shop. It’s a rough country lift. I don’t do any off-roading or anything like that, so it was for purely looks.
  4. So you think I’ve got a case then? That they should be covering this? And to never go to this dealer again? Haha
  5. I believe they did flag it. I’ve escalated it on the phone with gm. They should be reaching out to me. They have yet to give me an explanation other than the lift. Which is illegal. I’ve got a lawyer lined up. No proof as to why it’s voided. I was gonna call another dealer tomorrow morning.
  6. Thank you! That’s what I thought. I keep asking them for proof and they keep telling me I’ll have to pay them to take it apart. And I tell them you have to provide me proof to deny the claim.
  7. Hey all, I wanted some input. So I’ve got an 18 silverado and recently put on a 5inch lift about a month ago. At about 3 weeks I tried to engage the 4wd and had humming and shaking on coast. I hadn’t used it since lifting. So I took the shop where I had it installed and they said they had a guy with a similar issue so they opened up where my front differential fluid is at and it was full of metal shavings. They checked the lift and everything looked perfect. So I took to the dealer I bought it at and they confirmed a front differential failure. The gm area director voided my warranty and said they wouldn’t pay for the differential failure. (According to the dealer) I’ve talked to gm and the dealer and keep getting a run around. They won’t say the lift caused the failure but said the warranty is void and won’t fix it. I’ve looked through everything they’ve sent me about the warranty and cannot find anything where it specifically says lifting it causes a void in warranty. Only that If they show the lift caused the failure. I seem to be getting nowhere and wanted to see if anyone has had any issues with this. I’m fully prepared to fight this because it seems unjust. I understand pay to play but this isn’t the lifts fault. I’ve also looked at the Magnuson- Moss act and it sounds to me that they should be fixing it unless they can show me the lift caused it. The truck has about 32,000 miles on it and is paid off. Thank you for all your opinions.
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