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  1. Not sure if it was said but you can call her insurance as well. OR allow your insurance to coordinate. I have done it both ways. Hopefully dash cam shows what you need. But most people are willing to accept responsibility when they are at fault. The exception is when you hit them and they start getting sue happy. I have a dash cam in my vehicle but really need to get one for the other cars in my family.
  2. Diablo Predator 2 or InTune i3

    HP tuners is just like the others mentioned here in that it flashes a tune into the trucks computer then you remove the box. So it is exactly like the others in that regard. I did a intune with a Lew custom tune. To be honest, he gives some slight improvements on power down low over the canned tune but it just isn’t worth the extra money. At least for the 87 octane tune I did. I raced a buddy in his stock avalanche yesterday and he stayed on my bumper the entire time. I am VERY disappointed. If I could go back and spend the money differently I would do the Hp tuners. I am a computer programmer and a geek in general and don’t mind digging in and reading about all the changes HP allows you to do. It could easily be overwhelming for some. I have a couple friends who I went through the tuning process with using Hp tuners on ones ctsv and the others 2010 Camaro ss twin turbo. So I have a little exposure to it already. If you you get overwhelmed with having to do that research and learn the computer program used to make changes, better to stick with the canned options.
  3. Oem light upgrades.

    I use only vled bulbs in my vehicles. Personal preference. I just got a promo email from them if you want to use a discount code. Vleds.com Discount code NY10 gets 10% off any order. Code NY20 gets 20% off orders over $200. I have have their high output reverse bulbs in my 16. My tails are tinted but I still get a lot of output. I can only imagine what they would be like without tint. Although I did have them in my 2015 ram 2500 and the output was amazing. Not sure how the reflector design differs from the Chevy. They also have have a little led bar that mounts at the top of the license plate. Almost like the top rail of a license plate frame. Wouldn’t know it is there but is super, super bright. You would just wire in to the back of your trailer plugs or any other place you wanted to grab signal. And no cutting holes in your bumper. http://www.vleds.com/shop-products/lpr/lpr-reverse-72-w.html
  4. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    I'm running 285/45/22's on my regular cab. They are a little tall for my liking but they fit fine. They only rub the inner fender liners on very big dips. I am a little lower than you.
  5. You asked if carplay was worth it. So just to give you my opinion, carplay is not worth it for half of what it costs to upgrade. I am a tech geek, worked in IT for 20+ years, and tend to want the latest gadget or software etc. But now that I have upgraded my 2016 to have appleplay I wouldnt have done it at any cost. It sucks. But you may feel differently. You said you had it in a F150 so you must know what it is worth to you. In my opinion, bluetooth connection does everything I need. I am pretty sure I am in the minority with this opinion.
  6. When you upgrade from a 2.0 to 2.5 hmi for Apple Carplay, what button on the steering wheel do you use to answer a call? I tried the check mark button which I thought was the way you answered when connected via bluetooth but it didnt work. So I just used the buttons on the screen. I am pretty sure the end call button on the wheel worked when I had to end the call.
  7. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Cool. What color you going with? (assuming they have multiple options)
  8. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    What are the new wheels?
  9. I know. I have always been resistant to black wheels in general much less on a black vehicle. Some friends are harassing me to do black. I can can always change as long as I keep the tire size the same so I am not buying new wheels every time.
  10. I do do like those. I have a hook up for very good quality replicas. Was even thinking TBSS wheels.
  11. No helper bag. No towing with this truck. I was was doing the math in discount tires calculator and a 285/40 looked pretty good. Want to maintain some sidewalk for ride quality. But the 45 is a little too much. Looks ok. But could look better. Not it sure what size the truck came with exactly but I put a DiabloSport tuner on it and have corrected the speedo with that. So it should be good. I definitely like the idea of a little more width. I think I did the math on one of the 305 tire sizes I saw in maybe toyos website. It looked like it would work well. Just not sure if it would cause rubbing. I am am still looking for wheels too. My truck is all blacked out. The wheels now are chrome. I’m not a big fan of chrome. Not a big fan if black either but I may embrace the blacked out theme and go for black Dub Futures. They are pretty light and not too flashy. We will see.
  12. PS The 285/45/22's come out to be about 32 inches tall.
  13. My 2016 LT standard cab came with 285/45/22 Toyo Proxes STII's on some aftermarket wheels. It was lowered by the PO with a full McGauphys kit including spindles, struts, rear flip kit with hanger. I think it ends up being around a 4.25/6 drop. The front was rubbing frequently on dips in the road. So I just added 1/4 strut spacers which yielded about 1/2inch lift in the front. Just enough to give me some breathing room on the rubbing. It worked very well. I am looking to get new wheels. The tires I have now are really nice tires and basically brand new. Truck only has 4800 miles and the tires werent on from the factory. So probably a couple thousand miles on them. But I think the size is off. I want a little lower profile because they just look a little too tall. Even though I hate to buy tires when what I have are very nice. What tire size do you run with 22's on a lowered truck around this height????
  14. Do you only pimp your services on this forum or do you ever actually answer questions people have where the answers could help others???

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