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  1. Best tonneau cover?

    It would be fitting if you had a GM truck. On a GM truck website. But I am sure it is informative either way. Good luck with the youtube channel.
  2. Best tonneau cover?

    Is someone trying to advertise their youtube channel?????
  3. I only see 2 handles for our year trucks (2016). With camera and without. I ordered 84016231 which is supposed to be with camera.
  4. I edited my post and you missed it. I ordered part number 84062896. GM partsdirect labels this as ‘Sierra, silverado. 6.6 ft box, with remote tailgate.’ you know your part number? The right one.
  5. I haven’t gotten the camera yet. But, stop scaring me!!! What is that camera for versus what were you trying to put it on? You remember the correct part number???? With power lock. I ordered 84062896.
  6. Have the camera and handle assembly coming. I did get under the truck and looked at the plugs to try and confirm the same wires back there were present at the HMI. I seemed to read some conflicting info on which plug the camera will plug into. And I didnt see any labeling or letters around any of the existing plugs. BUT, I do have the locking tail gate and I followed the wires from the tailgate to the junction so I know where it plugs in now. I assume it is safe to say that the camera will plug into the same plug as the existing locking tailgate handle?????
  7. And for those that upgraded from non-nav to nav, where does the nav antenna get routed to? I dont have nav and will probably never use the factory maps (use apps on iphone) but the speed limit thing sounds kind of handy and it couldnt hurt resale value. Trying to justify the extra costs of the Nav HMI versus non-nav.
  8. Apparently I am in the same boat as you. 2016 with a 2.0 HMI I assume due to the parts issues. I may go ahead and order from dokus as well. If you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay???
  9. I found a few people talking about the genie. It is a small obd2 device that programs the radio to accept the rear camera. Works just like factory. I don’t know how technically it works differently than what the dealer would do. But the threads I read about it say it works perfect. Just saves trip to dealer. https://www.obdgenie.com/collections/gm-genies/products/gm-rear-view-camera-programmer-g-rvc to be honest I am not sure about the pre wire part. I figured my 2016 Lt trim truck should have whatever it needs. If not I am screwed I guess.
  10. I have read a lot about adding the factory rear view cam to my 2016. I have ordered the camera and handle assembly and it should be here next week hopefully. I was going to order the OBD Genie programming device that turns on the rear cam but started thinking that if I do that, and the dealer ever has to reflash my truck I may have to go back and use the obd genie again. No big deal unless something happens and the genie dies over time etc. My local dealer said they will add the programming for $175. They said $100 for something from Chevrolet’s side and then $75 labor. The Genie is $199 and I dont have to go to the dealer and deal with all that. Anyone one have any advice or opinions on either option?????
  11. Phone mount?

    ProClip has mounts that go around the left or right center vents. You buy the mount then you pick the phone holder you want. So if you change phones etc you can just change that part of the mount. They also have a mount that goes just over the radio.
  12. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Just got a 2016 1500 regular cab short bed. It has a mcgaughys kit with spindles in front and flip kit in back. It is slightly too low for the tire size. So until I can buy new wheels and tires I want to raise the front 1/2-1 inch just for now. But the kit eas installed by a dealer for the previous owner and I have none of the rings that came with the mcgaughys struts. Does anyone have any any rings they aren’t going to use they would be willing to part with????? please pm me. I need at least 3 but 5 would be great just in case I want to go up the full inch. Thanks all.
  13. Anybody????? EDIT - Never mind. Figured it out.
  14. Have a couple questions.Already have the latch installed and harness all the way into the cab and zip tied to the wires on the black plug where the green wire plugs in. Just need to plug it in. How do you get the wire out that is already in the plug? I have a few pin extractors but dont see how to get it out. Never fooled with that kind of plug. And my truck is very low and I am not able to get under the truck quickly. Ramps are too high and havent jacked it up. Is there another place to ground the harness? Or can you see it from the top at all? I looked and looked and didnt see it. Will be putting it on a buddies lift soon to do some other stuff and will get it then if I dont find anything else sooner.

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