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  1. Just want to send a shout out to pgamboa for helping with the DL8 to DL3 mirror upgrade on my 2017 Silverado. I bought a set of towing mirrors and a powerfold switch and ordered the harnesses from Phil. Harnesses worked perfectly right out of the box and made for a very smooth installation. As a (former) DIYer I can tell you right now, just save yourself the agony of trying to modify things and go with a set of his harnessses.
  2. Phil, I'm new here on the forum and like so many others I wish I had found this thread sooner. I would like to purchase some of your custom-made harnesses if you are still in that line. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500. The Service Parts ID labels calls out DL8 mirrors with no temperature sensor, my current setup. I've purchased a set of 1A Auto Trail Ridge towing mirrors (1AMRP01792) with power fold, power adjust, heat, turn, run, and cargo lamps. (This is the set that breaks out power fold to a separate pigtail.) I installed the passenger side mirror and have power adjust working, but none of the lighting, which you would expect with a DL8 harness. If you can help please let me know and we'll take it from there. Thanks!

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