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  1. I have the Load Lifters on my Trailboss. Was pretty easy install that only took a few hours.
  2. I have 4k on mine and am really happy with the choice (also came from a 2500 6.0l standard bed). The truck handles better than my old one and the rear seems set up for without a load which is great until you have something heavy back there which I do often. I put a pallet that was ~1500+ pounds and it basically bottomed out the suspension even though its rated for that amount. I added Load Lifter air bags which are awesome when loaded but hurt the ride even when at their lowest inflation. If you dont haul heavy stuff I think Chevy made the right compromise to focus on empty handling.
  3. I have a trail boss that has the Trail Boss logo stickers on the back - I am pretty sure I am going to pull them off
  4. I just got a Trailboss. My dealer said I could not add HC features on a custom build. I wanted to add the vented leather seats due to hot So Cal summers but was told could only get on a HC. They recommended getting the HC and then adding the lift from the Trailboss after I purchased.
  5. My gate is slightly angled up when opened so when loaded with say sheets of drywall the gate and cables will take more stress than if flush with the bed when open. I wonder if this is just mine or is as designed for all 2019s? Side note one of my cables is slightly looser than the the other even when sitting on it. Searching this seems common on the old models - anyone else have this?
  6. Did not order- found it on the lot with my exact build except it had the CAT back exhaust which I did not want. That added ~1k to the price but better than waiting for months :-)
  7. I struggled with this too as I wanted the vented seats and heads up display. But the chrome was the deal breaker so I just went with the Trail boss as I think its the only version where the front end looks really good (except for the dark color RST's)
  8. I am not sure if this is the same but I just picked up my Trail Boss. No noise when test driving but the next day in the morning. I noticed it from the left side of the dash towards the 4x4 controls but too high pitched to isolate area. Tried to ignore but become more irritating with time. I did notice it would change pitch when changing throttle at highway speed. Tried to ignore it but then I though might be the AC/Heater fan or design of the venting (sharp angle or leak/gap). Turned off the AC/Heater and it stopped. Turned back on and it came back. I closed the left vent and the pitch stoppe
  9. How hard was it to remove - did it leave any marking in the clearcoat? Just got mine!
  10. Still figuring it out but it sure looks great! Will post mini review with first impressions soon.
  11. If you will use the truck off rode more rubber is better. Think like driving over a curb, with the 18's you have more rubber to protect your rims. But honestly if you dont drive over curbs or large rocks go with what looks best to you.
  12. Best I can find in So Cal for a loaded Trail Boss LT is $5500 off, likely will pull the trigger this weekend.
  13. Could also be the safety package low speed active brake assist, if you have that. Might try cleaning the sensors?!?!?
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