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  1. Well. It bothered me enough that I had to get to the bottom of it. A few things to note. I have led reverse bulbs and I have tie ins to both the running light and the reverse light wire feeds on this harness and thought that one of these things were to blame. After turning the key all the way ahead and turning the lights on I cut apart the factory harness until I could isolate what it was that was causing the back feed from the running light circuit to the reverse light circuit. loe and behold I got all the way back to the plug mentioned above and cut the wires off about 2” from the plug and plugged it back in and I STILL had the problem but if I unplugged it my problem went away. So I took apart the female (tail light harness) side of the plug and found that the brown wire (running lights) sits next to the light green wire (reverse lights) and somehow even though I had di-electric grease in the connector, water got in and caused the short between the two pins. (We’ve had a lot of freeze thaw here in eastern Canada in the last week maybe forced itself in?) In summary I cut up a perfectly good harness to find out that I could have fixed all my problems with a can of compressed air or a blow gun from an air compressor. hope this helps someone in the future.
  2. If you can get it to stay that way, leave the running lights on while in park and pull the fuse for the drivers side and see if it stops. that way you can isolate it weather its left or right side. This is the junction box i found the corosion in. The second plug in from the left is the drivers tail light (yellow tape) and the one to the right of that is the passengers. I believe they replaced the drivers harness from here right to the bulbs last time to fix the problem.
  3. I contacted my dealers service manager and hes out today but is going to get back to me tomorrow with what exactly they did to fix mine the first time, ill let you know what they come back with but if you can get yours to happen again or if it gets worse try toggling the running lights on and off as my problem doesnt exist if the running lights are off.
  4. I had the same problem with my 18' and found there was corrosion in the left rear tail light harness plug beside the spare tire under the truck. Took it to the dealer and they cleaned it up and put some di electric grease in there and the problem went away until for about a year and now its back this morning. Did OP ever find out what it was causing the problem ?
  5. I had this same problem in Jan 2019 and narrowed it down to the left rear running lights were activating the reverse lights, if i removed the fuse for the left rear tail light running lights the problem went away, i took it to the dealer and they routed the problem to corrosion in the left tail light harness where it connects to a junction box beside the spare tire. I wake up this morning to the same problem again, except i find no corrosion in the plug beside the spare tire. Anyone else have anymore information to add? or find out whats causing this?
  6. I've narrowed this down to the left marker side parking lights back feeding the reverse lights. If i remove the fuse from the left side marker lights the problem goes away. Hoping someone can shed some light on this or point me to a wiring schematic? Thanks
  7. Hi guys Searched all over the web and couldn't find an answer to this mystery wondering if anyone else experienced the same. Installed LED reverse lights a few months ago. Worked great all was well, about three weeks ago a buddy of mine had LED projection tail lights that were brighter than the ones I had to I swapped them out. Last week In the cold my reverse camera randomly came on. I figured because of snow and slush on the road water had gotten in somewhere and shorted something out. Put it in the heated garage all night let it dry out and +5 the next day it seemed to go away. However I narrowed the issue down to only happening when my headlights are on. Long story short I've determined that when I have leds in my reverse sockets the reverse camera activates all the time only when the night time lights are on. If there are no bulbs in either socket I get the same thing however when I put the stock bulbs back in the tail lights everything works fine. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is. I thought maybe it was a bad led bulb so I put my origional LEDs in that worked for months and the camera still activates. Anyone have any idea ? My buddy has a 17 and has run led reverse lights since new without issue. For record I'm driving a Canadian 2018 Silverado LS regular cab Long box. The only other lights I have changed to led on the truck are the license plate lights and the cargo lights. I changed these the same time I converted everything three months ago so I don't think they have anything to do with it. Everything else is stock. Thanks
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