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    My interest is my truck!!!! It’s my dream truck that’s been built slowly since I bought it new.

    Did the DEF emissions delete.

    200 hp tune 5 Position switich (Stock, 50,100,150,200)

    Fuel by-pass Airdog 2 4G

    Warn winches front and back. M12,000 and Zeon 10,000.

    Custom built roof rack on top of an A.R.E commercial topper.

    Have 7 off road lights. 4 bars on roof rack. 52” 300W front, 52” 300W rear and two 22” 270W left and right side. As well I have 3 /105 Watts Cree lights on front Warn winch bumper grill guard and headlamps guard.

    Controlled by a 8 switch rocker panel custom mounted in my overhead console.

    Alpine X110 10” touch screen display and a ROCKING audio system louder than most ears can handle :)

    2500 W inverter with four batteries. 2 for the truck and 2 in the rear for the inverter.

    Built-in air compressor with 2 gallon tank hardwired 30’ hose.

    Three color cameras, front, rear and rear hitch.

    Two spare tires mounted on the roof rack. Running Nitto Terra Grappler G2.

    Fender flares, LED lights on the interior. Plus a host of other little features to make my ride awesome!

    I can honestly say no matter where I go with this truck, 8 out of 10 times somebody will stop me to tell me how much they like it :) For a basic white, WT with aluminum topper it gets a lot of looks!

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    15 Duramax 3500 WT SRW Crew 4x4 200HP Tune DEF Delete Airdogll4G

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  1. Have a Warn M12000 I am about to sell out of frustration for not being able to find any type of a winch mount that can go on the front! I took it off my 2500 Silverado when I sold it because a cargo van was much better suited for living off grid like I’m ready to do. If you Google it of course they show a million things available until you actually go to the website and find out they do not. As common and legendary as these vans go I just can’t imagine somebody not coming out with something for it other than having to get something fabricated for $2500. Just hoping maybe I’m missing something??? Thanks!
  2. If I have a blue driver diagnostic tool do you think that will program it??
  3. Thank you! That makes sense because my stability track light is on as well!!!
  4. 2020 gmc savana G2500. Between the two front seats underneath the mat there are two big control modules. I drilled holes through them. As well as the wiring harness that feeds them. Dealer wants $1250 to replace all. I don’t think it’s a bad price because I know the one airbag control module itself is $400. But there’s a second large black box right below it that he said was for a rollover but I can’t find it anywhere online to get a price! Trying to decide if I should do it myself and save money but he said he’s giving me an extra good deal. Any search I do just keeps coming up with the main airbag module and I don’t see anything for this second box. See picture. And thanks!!!
  5. I’m glad they finally added a 2014 2500 category! Always had me scratching my head where to post. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Crew Cab. Bought with 6 inch lift. I don’t mind the rear being higher but to have the front sit higher is simply absurd and looks terribly ugly!!! God forbid you put any weight on it it dives down making it worse. I’ve always been one to crank the torsion bars up to get lift, never even occurred to me about lowering it to get the truck level. Is there anyway to tell what the normal factory position is, any kind of a line or mark? If not how can you tell if it’s maxed out one way or the other. All my research was always on raising it, are the potential problems you could run into the same problems you run into if you lower it? Thanks!
  6. You are misunderstanding the question. I’m not after good mileage, if I was I wouldn’t have bought a lifted truck. I think anybody knows that lifts and big tires will decrease gas mileage that goes without having to say. Do you really think anybody lifts a truck and puts 35 inch tires on it because they are in search of good gas mileage or surprised when it goes down? Nobody but nobody does that kind of work on a truck and invests that kind of money while simultaneously caring at all about gas mileage! I’m not trying to get good mileage and the trade-off for worse mileage is MORE than worth it for anyone who wants to go off-roading!!! I'm trying to ascertain if the mileage I am getting is normal or abnormal, compared to other lifted trucks with big tires, NOT compared to normal trucks.
  7. Wow!!! I learned something new just now with your post!!! I never dreamed the diameter would be the exact same on a 17 inch wheel and a 20 inch wheel but you are absolutely correct. The only difference is the sidewall is taller!!! Now I have to research what the hell is the advantage of a 20” wheel!!!! All this time I’ve been driving myself crazy and all I have to do is chunk the tire on the spare and use that wheel and order a new tire!!! Thank you thank you thank you
  8. The original post said 35 x 12 x 20 so the factory spare would not apply as these are aftermarket installs. Yes I have one but it’s usless, think it’s a 265 17. Trying to correlate a tire that fits on a 17 inch wheel to be the exact same diameter as the 35s on the 20” wheel would be pretty difficult I would think because it would have to be right down to the half inch at least, maybe more right? That is unless you saying that I can buy a 35 x 12 1/2 Mickey Thompson to fit on a 17” wheel??? That would be great news!!!! I didn’t think that was possible and so I just thought it would be easier to buy the exact same tire and just put it on a 20” cheapie wheel without having to spend a few hundred on the fancy eagle alloy that I have now? thanks!
  9. These are 20” wheels so do they even make a plain steel 20” wheel like OEM comes with Silverado? I’m not sure about offset and all that stuff so that’s what I’m worried about!
  10. LOL!!!! Sorry, I went brain dead for a moment I guess and left that very important piece of information out of the post!!! YES, I am
  11. From what I can tell by searching this is either a series 27 or 50. Actually the wheels look identical to me so I’m not sure what the difference is between the 2 series. From what I can tell this wheel has been discontinued and it is not in my budget to buy 5 new wheels!!! My question is does it have to be a fancy wheel? I don’t know much about these lifts and wheels and offsets but can I just buy a cheap steel wheel that will fit and throw a tire on it? Mickey Thompson 35x12x20 ATZP3
  12. I had a 2015 Duramax crew diesel but it got totaled right after I had completed every possible thing you can think of as my dream truck! Going a different route this time! But honestly Cooley, that kind of advice isn’t really practical do you think? Let me go out and buy a $65,000 diesel to get better gas mileage than the truck I own now? LOL!!!! I have another thread I started called what can you tell me about this truck that shows pictures but since then I have found out a lot more information about it. But yes the company that did the update before the truck was sold new calibrated it. He also says that mileage sounds typical... The whole thing is driving me crazy because I just can’t imagine that kind of crappy mileage with 4.10 rear. Maybe a tune is the way to go I don’t know. My life has been so chaotic I just haven’t had enough time to sit down and really look at this truck, crawl underneath to see what was done, blah blah.
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