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  1. Yes sir! Every time you turn the key on, the gauge goes all the way to full and all the way to empty like it always does. But then it just stays at empty even though full.
  2. 2015 Duramax 3500 WT Crew 4x4 Filled up the truck and when I turned the key on, the fuel gauge went all the way to full and all the way to empty like it always does, except it stayed at empty. The shop that did my bypass last year says he doubts it’s anything inside the tank and hasn’t run into any issues with the newer model trucks. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks. Do you think below is the same issue? Started investigating deeper (Reading) and if it’s the same issue it seems it’s a known problem. Found this post Googling on the forum here The clunk is take-up of driveline slack in the differential and transmission output shaft. The amount of slack will vary from unit to unit. As the unit ages, the clunk will slowly become worse, however it is not a safety or driveability concern. A variety of different vehicles will have this clunk. For example, both my Toyota Tacoma and my Ford E-350 work van have some type of clunk when you let off the gas. The clunk can be compounded by axle wrap on certain vehicles, however the GM 1500 trucks do not themselves suffer from axle wrap. The re-torque of the axle u-bolts is designed to confirm that axle wrap is not present. Other than checking the u-bolts, the reason GM will not "fix" the problem is because technically there is nothing wrong. Driveline slack is a normal characteristic of a vehicle with a solid axle, divorced transmission and long driveshaft. Driveline clunk can be improved with an aluminum driveshaft. Reducing the rotational mass of the driveshaft will help reduce the shock force. Installation of a u-joint dampener will also help
  4. 2014 Silverado single cab 8’ bed WT 6 cyl. Just inherited this truck at 96,000 miles and haven’t driven previously so cannot say if instant or has been coming on for a while. So I’m in park and I put it in drive, as I give it gas it will rev up a little bit and then SLAP, POW, sometimes horribly bad and is scary to experience. If you’re making a mental note and put it in drive and wait a couple few seconds and THEN take off slow it’s a minimal feeling. The severity is directly related to how FAST or how high you rev it when you initially accelerate from P to D as well as how LONG you wait until you accelerate from P to D. If you’re not used to doing anything other (like myself) then slapping it in drive and taking off it is humongous loud and entire truck will jerk badly and feels like you just dropped a driveline. I do not think it is tranny related because I have no issues with the transmission itself while driving. No slippage at all and shifts perfectly fine albeit, shifting is to say somewhat jerky and noticeable. What do you all think? Put a notice on the steering wheel reminding me to baby and pamper it and she’ll be fine for many many moons or is it time to rebuild “something”
  5. Only real problem I had was there was one area where we just couldn’t slide the bumper off of the 2500 once everything was disconnected. There was like a raised section with a notch on the bumper bracket that sorta hooked and caught on the body. Finally I just took a grinder and cut two notches which will not be seen once you put the bumper on to expedite matters! Haven’t posted the before and after pictures yet because one of the trucks I lent to a friend and forgot to get a picture of it with the license plate removed or covered in case there are any psycho stalkers here LOL... The ones I have are no good I need to wait till I get the truck back and remove the plates
  6. Thanks! When I finish it I will know about the small strips too, right now it’s a vision in my head. Should have it all done in the next few days and then I’ll post another picture
  7. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 WT crew cab passenger side complete headlight assembly chrome. The back of the dust covers have been cut open to fit LED lights as well as give more airflow to cool down. I am transferring the LED lights to my new headlight assembly and will put brand new bulbs in it. This will NOT fit the 1500. I’m certain It’s for 2014-2018 2500 & 3500 but I believe there’s other applications as well such as Tahoe and Suburban. Prices range from $625 to $800 for new OEM! I know, absolutely ridiculous!!! I have attached a couple of pictures with prices to show both Google and EBay. $500 includes free shipping! Last picture below is the actual headlight.
  8. All done and it looks good. I’ll post pictures of both trucks before and after tonight. Decided to take some bedliner and do the rear black bumper and it came out peeeerfect!
  9. Not a big fan of chrome and swapped the back bumper with a black bumper off another truck and also ordered some black vinyl and ONE of my many zillions of my projects was to put it over the front bumper and grill. Since I had the grill off for my new black headlight assemblies I figured I would put one strip on to see how it looks and I like it a lot. I plan on doing all of the smaller strips of the grill as well but this was just a starter to get an idea of how it would come out. Very curious if anyone else has done this or thought of this as I think it’s a great alternative and option to painting it! Actually I’m thinking now I’m just doing the top middle and bottom and leave in the small chrome strips in between.
  10. Yes but I will have to take the brackets off of the bumper versus taking them off of the frame. Just so anyone else knows who is attempting this PIA project! LOL which means the black top has to come off
  11. So I’m running into issues! If you leave the brackets on the bumper that’s not going to work because the piece that slides into the frame is smaller. So there’s a lot of free play on the 1500 to 2500 and the 2500 brackets are too big to fit into the opening on the 1500! So the only way it will work is to take the brackets off of the bumper and swap the brackets I just hope the brackets to the bumper are the same holes and line up!
  12. I didn’t mess with the airbag sensors!!! I messed with installing a winch mount and winch LOL
  13. So today I removed the fender from the 2015 which took a little longer than I had hoped but about two hours. Monday I will remove the fender from the 14 and and install on 15. Then Monday afternoon we start with the bumper! Forgot to take pictures of both but will post Monday.
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