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    My interest is my truck!!!! It’s my dream truck that’s been built slowly since I bought it new.

    Did the DEF emissions delete.

    200 hp tune 5 Position switich (Stock, 50,100,150,200)

    Fuel by-pass Airdog 2 4G

    Warn winches front and back. M12,000 and Zeon 10,000.

    Custom built roof rack on top of an A.R.E commercial topper.

    Have 4 light bars on roof rack. 52” 300 watt front, 52” 300 watt and two 22” 270 watt left and right side. As well I have 3 /105 Watts Cree lights on front Warn winch bumper grill guard and headlamps guard.

    Controlled by a 6 switch rocker panel mounted in my overhead console.

    Alpine X110 10” touch screen display and a ROCKING audio system louder than most ears can handle :)

    2500 W inverter with four batteries. 2 for the truck and 2 in the rear for the inverter.

    Three color cameras, front, rear and rear hitch.

    Two spare tires mounted on the roof rack. Running Nitto Terra Grappler G2.

    Fender flares, LED lights on the interior. Plus a host of other little features to make my ride awesome!

    I can honestly say that no matter where I go with this truck, 8 out of 10 times somebody will stop me to tell me how much they like it :) For a basic white, WT with aluminum topper it gets a lot of looks!

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    15 Duramax 3500 WT SRW Crew 4x4 200HP Tune DEF Delete Airdogll4G

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  1. Speaking of selling your bumper, since I bought a new pair of Spyder headlamps I won’t need the passenger headlight assembly. And since the OEM is going for $650 bucks with absolutely NO availability for used even checking eBay and online junk yards, I may be able to pick me up a fast $500
  2. OK so I guess what you’re saying is that the plastic top with the broken clips is something that has to be removed in order to R&R the bumper correct? I haven’t even looked at it yet in regards to doing it but that’s what I’m gathering. I’m a creative kind of guy and things like clips won’t even bother me because even if I bust them, I’ll drill little holes and put in black screws with a nice cone washer. But I don’t think there’s going to be any difference between the 2500 and the 3500 do you? Are you thinking maybe it’s a little higher in the back because of the extra leaf spring so I will have a gap? Because personally? I absolutely love the way it looks on your truck and I have no problems filling that gap at all. Looks much more custom and a perfect fit to me. So guess the only question is whether or not they purposely designed it with the gap for some reason that only engineers are aware of? And it looks like the tailgate will easily open but you’re saying it hits a little bit? This is all going to help immensely and I won’t have to stare at it for long I can just dive in then go to work!!! Looks like once I’m set up with my tools and everything it’s something that would only take maybe 1 1/2 hours? Times two would be three hours And I guess you bought your bumper out right, as there aren’t too many circumstances where people can swap bumpers so the only question left would be if I have any issues when I put the 3500 on the 1500!
  3. Haven’t looked at the pics yet but oh my goodness it looks VERY in-depth, thank you so much!!!! Always nice when a stranger goes out of their way to help another stranger! I was expecting one picture just showing me the gap LOL! FYI i’m a retired 35 year master repair plumber so if I can ever help anyone with plumbing questions feel free to get a hold of me!!! I wanted to post this question first and then I’ll study what you’ve got. I just noticed that the actual headlight assembly is intact and everything is fine, the only thing that’s cracked is the outside clear cover. Is that a replaceable item and do they even sell such things??? Sure would save me a lot of trouble
  4. Np man. Likewise with DIY stuff here. Give me a few to get things sorted and I'll get the pics. In your situation you shouldnt have to swap the top step plastic because youl have plenty room. Only thing is the gap between the top bumper plastic n tailgate will be wider then normal and the corner gaps at the bedsides will be more noticeable. Take your time and don’t kill yourself. I very much appreciate the effort, but won’t feel as guilty if you do it at your convenience
  5. I did find after market and they are black as I’m trying to get away from the chrome. $411 as a pair instead $625 for ONE! And I found some on Amazon as cheap as $250 for a pair! Just took more research!
  6. Big difference in vehicles I’m guessing! I got at least a half dozen quotes and they were the cheapest. Not by much but still the cheapest. Other quotes anywhere from $340 to $375. What’s still blowing my mind and I can’t wrap my brain around is that $625 for the headlight assembly! I guess after market hasn’t come out yet..
  7. Thank you! It was a pretty sizable check and I could definitely use the funds. Time? I have plenty of that being retired (58) and I am basically a do it yourselfer in every aspect of life anyway. I don’t trust anyone anymore, not even to change my engine oil. Yes the world has gotten that bad and nobody but nobody cares or takes pride in the work they do! I will admit bodywork is not something I’ve tackled before, but I mean, I’m not trying to straighten out a bent frame or doing bondo, sanding and painting! I can’t imagine anything I’m doing to be something that could be labeled intricate. I would think swapping a door, fender and bumper falls under the category DIY project. The windshield? I’ll pass on that and pay the $325 Safelight quote.
  8. Time IS money, unless you have more time than money
  9. If you'd like I could put together some pics pointing out the differences. I still have my old 1500 rear bumper and the 2500 mounting brackets. Could also take pics of the bumper swapped on to my truck. That would be absolutely fantastic sir!!!!!
  10. That’s what I wanted to hear!!! And if I’m understanding correctly LEAVE the brackets for each bumper attached to the frame and reuse them for new bumper correct?
  11. Ok so little confused lol. Never having removed or installed a rear bumper are you all saying it comes in 2 different pieces versus one complete unit? And when you say the tailgate will bind unless you use a 1500 top, isn’t that what I’m using? I mean wouldn’t a 1500 top come with the 1500 bumper? And what issues would I have when I try to take the 3500 bumper and put it on the 1500? Thanks I’m learning a lot
  12. So far I have a new door because mine was dented pretty good and I have a new fender all the same color and already painted!!!! I’m 99% sure the rear bumpers will work as well and I’ll get to have black like I always wanted May be able to fix my truck up and have it looking pretty good and pocket the insurance money Still have the rear door to deal with and the bottom of the bed but it’s all coming along!!!! Just out of curiosity, how hard is it to replace a fender....
  13. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 (SRW) Duramax Crew 4x4 WT model 6 1/2’ bed. I sideswiped an embankment and damaged the driver side starting with the headlight assembly (which is toast) all the way back to the rear bumper. Luckily as far as the eye is concerned it’s not really all that bad and it’s all on the lower panels and quite livable. But have to do headlight and they want $650 for that puppy!!! In an attempt to save money I am very curious because next to it I also own a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 regular cab 2 door, WT model 8’ cargo bed. It’s already beat up and it’s just a secondhand truck I have for doing things and would gladly swap parts and not care about how that truck looks! Did they do a model swap in 2015 and have two different 2015 versions cuz always been curious for sometime now that whenever I look up parts they always say 2014-2018 OR 2015-2019??? Why the overlapping years? Would think it would be 2014-2018 and 2019-??? Anyway can anyone tell me if the following body parts can be swapped or if there is a website that cross references such things? Looking at it with the “eye” they look identical and would be a perfect fit but know how things like that go... I can supply both vin numbers if that helps. 1) Windshield 2) Front driver fender 3) Headlight assembly 4) Rear bumper Not worried about the trim as in chrome or black. 3500 has chrome rear step bumper and 1500 black step but would actually prefer the black anyway! Hard one to decide is the headlight assembly as once again 3500 chrome and 1500 black but other than that are they identical as far as fitment is concerned? Thanks!
  14. Actually it’s turning out to be a little bit more complicated when I tried to do something fancy and it appears it’s not just a yellow that’s positive but one of the gray is an alternate 12v source so I wouldn’t count on that information being accurate as the gentleman who wrote the article stated!!! The yellow is positive but only while the engine is running or the key is on but after the vehicle goes dead it loses it and the other wire picks it up!!!
  15. I got it figured out thanks anyway everyone!!! For anyone else seeking this information: I tested all three connectors and could only find a good 12v + and - at the rear connector for the interior light switch. The left most yellow wire is 12v + and the right most black is - . The yellow wire is triggered with door opening and stays on until all accessory power shuts off. When you lock the car it shuts quickly, otherwise is remains on for maybe 20 sec

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