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  1. Just got my Borla S type and looking to install soon. I have ramps, jack stands, and a floor jack. What's the best method without a lift? Does running the truck up on ramps help at all? Confused on best way to get stock system out in one piece (don't want to cut as I'm selling to a buddy). Thanks for any help/advise.
  2. Has anyone else had issues with their backup camera looking blurry. On my display in the truck I get what looks like blurry spots, but when I get out and I go back and clean off the lens it's still blurry. At my first scheduled maintenance I brought it up and they replaced under warranty. Well it started happening again and I brought it up again, this time the tech said "problem wasn't present at inspection" - which is BS. I was thinking it was maybe a seal issue, because I just washed my truck and I believe it is worse, I was able to capture this photo which makes it almost look like a residu
  3. I hear you but the trailer already came wired up with this system and a camera already, so didn't make sense for me to go buy a whole new system and rip out the old one (yes I probably would have went wireless, but half of this system was already in place) he added into the deal of the travel trailer
  4. I recently purchased a camper (travel trailer) that came with a wired review safety camera system on the trailer so you can always see behind the unit while driving. The guy wanted to keep the wiring and display unit installed in his truck because he was purchasing a new trailer. Here is a link to the system I bought just for reference https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O50XC8S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not sure if anyone has installed on of these or not but it looks like I basically need to run a wire from the back of my truck, come up th
  5. Guy who is selling one of the campers offered to throw in a reese pro series weight distribution hitch. Any thoughts on that model?
  6. Confusing right?!?! I noticed the same thing. I just want to know if I can purchase a camper my truck can handle easily. I know people tow things all the time with these half ton trucks that are probably over weight, but I do not want to put any undo stress on my truck. Also everything online says my payload of a 2018 gmc sierra denali 1500 should be around 1700 lbs, but my sticker says 1472, not sure why. Do they account for a driver? I feel like I read somewhere, some manufacturers put in a 150lbs driver in those numbers.... not sure about gm I think the first thing
  7. Ok so we have narrowed it down to 2 different 21 foot hybrid travel trailers, hoping to make a decision this week. Below are the specs on the 2 different models. 2017 rockwood roo 21dk dry weight = 4,141 bs Payload capacity = 1,449lbs Tongue weight (dry) = 590lbs 2017 rockwood roo 21ss dry weight = 4,668lbs payload capacity = 2,592lbs tongue weight (dry) = 504 So if my math is correct the tongue weight on the 21dk is 14%, so if we ever fully loaded the trailer up (unlikely) the tongue weight would be about 783lbs. plus my family
  8. Wow, ok. I haven’t really been thinking about the payload limit much. My understanding of payload was it only had to do with what was actually loaded in truck, nothing with trailer. I’ve just been looking at towing capacity. Up to this point everyone I’ve spoken to seemed to think my half ton truck would tow a 5,000lb (dry weight) travel trailer easily. Thanks for the info
  9. anyone have a particular weight distribution/sway hitch they could point me in the direction of? Greatly appreciated
  10. Thanks for the response, that was going to actually be my next question. Would it benefit me to add a sway bar? What about adding anything to the rear suspension? I really don't want the truck to look like it's squatting in the back going down the road. As for the trailer brake system you mentioned, don't these trucks already have an electric brake system built into the them on the left side of dash, or are you talking about something different? Thanks again for all the replies.
  11. I'm in the market for a camper (travel trailer). I have a 2018 Sierra Denali 1500 with the 5.3L. First I'm trying to determine my towing capacity and I'm a little confused on how to do so. In the book it lists both a "5.3L V8" and a "5.3L V8 with 8 speed transmission with enhanced towing package". Both say 3.42 axle ratio, but the difference is the first one lists the max trailer weight at 9,100lbs, the 2nd one lists at 10,700 lbs. Thats a big difference. How do I know which I have? I pretty confident I have the 8 speed tranny in the denali, but I do not remember them saying anything about "en
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