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  1. Just installed a Carven Competitor series axle dump catback. Removed the factory exhaust in one piece and installed the Carven in under a hour. Piece of cake. I was worried about all the posts saying you can't get the stock exhaust out in one piece without a lift. I didn't even use a jack or jack stand. Placed some ramps under the right side of the truck behind the front and rear tires, backed it up on the ramps, unbolted the clamp and removed the hangars. Slid it out from the front. No sound clips yet but I will say it sounds pretty good. Not obnoxious at all. Nice rumble. No drone..
  2. At first I didn't like the Chrome. It has grown on me. Black/Silver/Chrome. Love it.
  3. I will measure tomorrow. The Tires are Trail Blades XT. They are 33x12.50. Slight rubbing in reverse at full lock.
  4. I installed the moto fab 2.5 leveling kit. Ride quality didnt change. Added some Ballistic Rage 20x10 -19 offset from custom wheel offsets. Turned out pretty good. Still sits a tad high in the rear.
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