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  1. I have had Bilsteins installed on previous toyotas with the stock springs reused and they rode/handled great. I paid about 40 bucks to get the spring swapped. On my f150 with the quicklift i added 1in blocks to the rear. I have LT275 70 18 goodyear duratracs stock z71 18's, they measure out to 33.5
  2. I have the quick lift on my truck, it was purchased already installed so i did not have an option there. However i had the quicklift on my previous 2016 f150 and both kits have rode like crap in my opinion. The front is a very tight and rough ride, not to mention both kits have had significant rust in a short period of time. The back shocks on the silverado currently have stuck adjustment knobs due to rust. I'll be going to Bilstein shocks soon.
  3. There is a filter as mentioned, you can drop the pan and get the remaining fluid out with a transfer pump that doesn't come out when you separate the pan. You can reach in and grab the magnet to clean it and pull the filter down and out without removing the exhaust or undoing the transmission mount and using the ratchet strap method. The pan will rest on the exhaust while you do this just be careful with the gasket.
  4. Just Installed this to my truck, fit perfect with no gap. I did not cut off the alignment rod either.
  5. iPhone XR Wireless Charge

    where is this larger trim ring ordered from??

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