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  1. the AT4 and Denali Trims get 3 years unlimited data, not sure about chevys.
  2. I have a brand new console, black in color. It will have to be assembled as i purchased all the parts separately then sold the truck, but its boxed up exactly as it was sent to me ready to go. All brand new from Tasca Parts.
  3. Go drive a current model, they drive/ride exactly the same. Ive never driven a ram so i can't compare, but it drives good to me.
  4. 3.0 .... It'll be my second one, I love that motor.
  5. I have all the parts (minus bolts), brand new on hand to build a console. I traded for a 22 and no longer need it. Looking for 1k plus shipping.
  6. 2022 refresh at4, seats feel exactly the same as my 21 silverado. I had a five hour drive to get my truck...my back felt just as bad on the way back with the new seats as it did driving up in the 21.
  7. No Z71 with max tow package on the 3.0 Duramax....that's a shame. No 2 speed transfer case with the max tow at all.
  8. Just get the PPE Resonator Delete and save yourself 250 bucks. Install is about a 30 minute process.
  9. You ask them to fix a problem, GM's solution is to upgrade the software. They don't know you had MVI update it, its on you. NOW, had you taken it in for an oil change and they said oh hey there's a software update lets go ahead and do that for him, that would be on them. Its also not MVI's problem you had GM wipe their programming off.
  10. The new 2.7 max torque will now be above 3k rpm, not at 1500 like the current 2.7. I came from a 2.7 Eco and you'll be severely disappointed with GM's performance unless you go with the 6.2.
  11. I had the hellwig rear, the truck had the towing package that came with a larger sway bar in the front.
  12. I had the hellwig on my f150 and its nothing short of amazing on the road with handling and body roll. However keep in mind it limits/reduces suspension articulation if you are doing any offroading.
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