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  1. No more gas pedal lag

    You can adjust the pedal voltage with the superchips tuner. But you could use them together if you wanted to.
  2. Good bye ford

    There is markup in the invoice, then you have hidden money like holdback, advertising, dealer cash, volume discounts etc. Laura gets big money from volume discounts. All dealers have room to move off sticker price, some will and some won't. If they said they don't know how laura sells them that cheap they are lying, they know good and well but their dealership just can't do it.
  3. Good bye ford

    You can still get a great deal bringing your own money, but if you have good credit make the dealer work to your advantage and beat whatever rate you take them. It is in their best interest, banks like when they get sent good deals (good credit, LTV).
  4. Good bye ford

    Dealers don't want cash, they want to finance you so they get a payment from the finance company for selling their loan. Secure your loan before with the best rate you can then take that to the dealer and tell them to beat that rate. Also cash payments over 10k must be reported to the IRS and then they will be wanting to know where it came from. Granted it is legitimate but why deal with the hassle.
  5. The fact the federal government had to step in to ensure customers are getting the correct warranty coverage is proof you can't trust the dealer/manufacturer. For your reading pleasure.... Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, a dealer must prove, not just vocalize, that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before it can deny warranty coverage. If the dealer cannot prove such a claim — or it proffers a questionable explanation — it is your legal right to demand compliance with the warranty. The Federal Trade Commission administers the Magnuson-Moss Act and monitors compliance with warranty law.
  6. Good bye ford

    I had a 2015 and 2016 f150's without issues, its pretty much luck of the draw these days with any brand. Lurk around you'll see these trucks are far from problem free. Dealers should be about ready to give away the 18's by now, for a 49k msrp Lt crew you should be around the 35k range. Check out the volume dealers like bachman or laura.
  7. I would be willing to bet it's installation error. Mine fits perfect. Back somewhere around page 27 somebody said it didn't fit then after they kept messing with it for a while they finally got it right and it fit perfect.
  8. I actually have duratracs on my silverado and trailrunner a/t's on my personal explorer and department owned suv. The trailrunner so far has been a good tire and i have no complaints, it does well in the snow/dry and rain...it does not even compare to the duratrac in the mud. No idea on the longevity of the trailrunner as my dept vehicle only has about 3k on the tires and my personal only has 500 miles on them. I thought the trailrunners looked decently aggressive until i had the duratracs put on and they are parked side by side, no comparison. The trailrunner is obviously a much less aggressive tire with little to no road noise, i have no complaints with my duratracs but it is clearly an aggressive tire which i am ok with.
  9. The superchargers for the 5.3 replace the intake manifold (integrated), they don't bolt to the top of them. I'm not referring to a centrifugal supercharger, they are not easy bolt on's for the application we are talking about. During installation you remove the intake manifold and install the supercharger, it is a roots or screw type supercharger. I don't need you to explain any type of intake configuration, ive been doing this way to long. My statement is not a play on words, you are reading into it. I was referring to you stating that a supercharger/turbo will not make power until a tune is applied. The forced induction makes the power in that combination not the tune by comparison. And 26whp is small gains compared to the 80+ you can achieve from just a tune on a stock turbo vehicle.
  10. You said it wouldn't work until the tune goes in, incorrect. You can't say it won't work until it is tuned, that implies that the tune makes the power which it doesn't. Tunes, even custom on non forced induction vehicles make very little power. I understand what you mean but people come here with 0 knowledge of the mechanics. You are all over the place, I can barely follow. A supercharger (what the silverado uses) replaces the intake manifold so I don't know what you mean about there not being pressure on the intake but the manifold having pressure? But yes it would most likely go into limp mode if driven. It would depend on what the min/max values in the stock tables are if it would run or do more than idle, but would most certainly idle if i was betting.
  11. car-part.com You can search via distance from your zip code and specify which years you want or all that interchange. If their prices are to high on parts i'll email them and say i can buy this part for XXXX new, will you sell it for XXXX, never hurts to ask.
  12. LOL....any type of mechanical forced induction will work immediately once the motor is started, simple physics. Gains will be greatly reduced but it will work. All the tune does is adjust timing (spark)/a/f mixtures.
  13. brand new trucks get wrecked everyday, just because its from a junkyard doesn't mean its old or nasty. If i can save a hundred bucks and it be the same quality that seems like a smart decision especially on a low wear item like a rear door panel.
  14. I'll just break down the superchips f5 capabilities It combines multiple devices in one: Tire size calibrator - hypertech speedometer calibrator Pedal voltage adjustment - Pedal Commander AFM Disable - Range Device Adds the ability to change: Shift point adjustment/speed/rpm for the 6-speed trans Shift torque management rev limiter speed limiter gear ratios adjust tire pressure monitor idle/drive rpm read/clear DTC monitor gauges Mileage XS/87/93 Tunes - canned, not vehicle specific tunes. I ended up getting mine new/used for 170 bucks so it was a no brainer. I did not intend for it to be used for performance gains, if performance is what you are looking for then you want to put the truck on a dyno and do it right with someone to custom tune your vehicle. Even what you download from HPT may be "custom" but its not for your truck, every vehicle varies.
  15. If you actually want a "tune" this is true....a superchips tuner or similar is just a good way to alter stock settings. You shouldn't buy it with true power increase gains in mind.

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