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  1. The new 2.7 max torque will now be above 3k rpm, not at 1500 like the current 2.7. I came from a 2.7 Eco and you'll be severely disappointed with GM's performance unless you go with the 6.2.
  2. I had the hellwig rear, the truck had the towing package that came with a larger sway bar in the front.
  3. I had the hellwig on my f150 and its nothing short of amazing on the road with handling and body roll. However keep in mind it limits/reduces suspension articulation if you are doing any offroading.
  4. Its probably tied up under the center dash. The higher trim trucks have the power ran for the key transponder. What are you trying to get power to? Where did you source your console?
  5. put some tesa tape on the edges so when they close there is something between the plastic.
  6. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/237046-door-sill-plates-illuminated-gm-84359682/
  7. If you order a kit off amazon or ebay you can do it as you are wanting.
  8. Can't answer your question but im curious of the responses....i had mine on the 87 tune with custom options and it would not 1-2 upshift under WOT, you'd have to let off the throttle and it would shift. I pulled the tune off and went with all superchip options and reloaded it...shifts fine under WOT now.
  9. I had the Hellwig on my 2016 Leveled F150, absolutely loved it. It will not take the floaty feeling out, but it will cut down on almost all of the body roll. At least it did on the ford, I have been waiting on a good price for the 7735. I think i paid 230 from amazon for the ford bar.
  10. Bought a rear one from truckchainz on ebay, couldn't tell a difference between the original and the aftermarket as far as quality.
  11. Changed mine at 52k and it looked exactly the same. Glad it's not just mine!
  12. You can adjust the pedal voltage with the superchips tuner. But you could use them together if you wanted to.
  13. There is markup in the invoice, then you have hidden money like holdback, advertising, dealer cash, volume discounts etc. Laura gets big money from volume discounts. All dealers have room to move off sticker price, some will and some won't. If they said they don't know how laura sells them that cheap they are lying, they know good and well but their dealership just can't do it.
  14. You can still get a great deal bringing your own money, but if you have good credit make the dealer work to your advantage and beat whatever rate you take them. It is in their best interest, banks like when they get sent good deals (good credit, LTV).
  15. Dealers don't want cash, they want to finance you so they get a payment from the finance company for selling their loan. Secure your loan before with the best rate you can then take that to the dealer and tell them to beat that rate. Also cash payments over 10k must be reported to the IRS and then they will be wanting to know where it came from. Granted it is legitimate but why deal with the hassle.
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