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  1. Luckily my son wasnt in the car when it happened. Gmc should have done something about it by now. They do not care. I dont see how posting facts would destroy chances of taking action? This forum might not be used for evidence but its good to see how many people this happened to. I hope they do make a lawsuit for not warning anyone. They have known for a while now and done nothing.
  2. So even though it wont let me post the video of the smoke. I took a screenshot of the smoke minutes before it shattered and u can zoom in and u see there is no chip! U can also see a little smoke easily mistaken for a dirty window. I will also post the pic of "point of impact" so u can zoom in to that spot of before pic. Also the dealer is about 15min away so the drive there could have caused that spot to chip off. The spot is right by that black contact box that was smoking. And glass guys said excessive heat could definitely cause that spot. Roseville GMC lost our buissness too. Google reviewing individual dealerships is a good way to let people know who the bad ones r because a couple peoples dealer actually helped them! Also glass is usually an exception to ur deductible. Mine covered it and state farm didnt care that it was caused by the truck i told them what happened too.
  3. Most full cover insurance pays for it. But they shouldn't have to! The pic i uploaded shows the melted connection the glass shop sent me the pic. I went to a small glass shop (not the one the dealer recommended) they did all the work to get it coverd by my insurance.
  4. "Point of impact" is the exact thing they said to me too, Its BS! It wont let me upload video(too big). But when paused u can clearly see there was no chip or crack in window whatsoever while it was smoking. See my earlier replies for more details and photo of burn damage the glass people found. What dealership? I hope everyone is using Google reviews on maps for bad dealership experiences, Maybe add link to this forum! Tons of people check google reviews.
  5. Its sad gm gets away with making our insurance pay for it. Please report to National department of transportation safety, easily done online. The more reports the more serious it gets taken. U think the insurance companies would want to investigate but i told mine and they didnt really care. They should sue gm for all the windows they have had to pay to repair, due to GM not helping.
  6. Here is a link for everyone to PLEASE report https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/
  7. My dealership in Roseville MN tried to say they could see where there was a "point of impact" that they say probly started as a small chip and the crack it caused in the heat grid caused a short that caused the smoke i saw and later the whole window to shatter. The window was intact but shattered so they where looking at the spot everything spidered out from wich is also where the black square is inside the window. But there was no chip u can tell in the video of smoke i took. They just didnt want to deal with it and sent me to a glass shop bcause they know full cover insurance would pay for it! So i asked the glass shop and they agree its BS. I called GM but because it was already replaced they said they cant reimburse me. My glass shop suggested i report it to the National department of transportation safety. If enough people report it they might investigate and force GM to do something about it!
  8. Yes defroster was on with auto start when this happened and yes its a sliding window the spot the dealer referred to as point of impact just so happened to be exactly where the contact for the sliding window is. this is the pic the glass shop sent me
  9. This all pretty much happened in 1 day, I needed it repaired quick and was scared to drive with a shattered window so i took it straight a glass place after dealer didnt help and they had my insurance cover it. I then called GM motors and they opened a case i wanted my insurance to be reimbursed because i know it wasnt damaged first but they got back to me and said they cant. I am 300ish miles over bumper to bumper warranty but do have the wrap extended warranty. But only the window was replaced so its possible it will happen again. Then i will call GM first Thanks!
  10. Im glad ur GMC dealer was helpful! Roseville MN GMC tried to tell me the window got hit and was damaged first causing the possible electrical short and sent me away. Even the glass place i took it to agrees that the glass shattered due to overheating. I am working on getting video from the gas station it happend at. I wonder how many other people this has happened to and are getting sent away without it being reported to GM.
  11. Same exact thing happened to my 2016 sierra denali hd The dealer is saying they see a point of impact and that caused the window to shader and smoke. Its BS the window had NO damage and im sure that "point of impact" that just so happens to be right where the contact wires are is from the over heating while auto started. They know i have full cover so send me to a glass place for my insurance to cover (it does) but i want to prove it wasn't caused by impact because GMC needs to take responsibility!
  12. Also Please report to GM and National transportation safety board. There sould b a recal! Thanks
  13. THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! 2016 Gmc sierra denali HD My dealer is saying there is a point of impact on window that caused the problem so they would not help!! But i think short caused that " point of impact" BS! Did they help u? I am determined to prove its their fault even though my insurance is covering it!
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