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  1. Just going to chime in here.. I just completed this upgrade on my IOB truck. I know there was a few of us in here with IOB trucks with questions. Hopefully this helps.. I went IOB to IO6. My truck is a 2018 Silverado Custom (No steering wheel controls, basic cluster with 7" Screen & Carplay) Mods Needed: Denali Or Intellink Cluster (must get it programmed by WAMS if using a used cluster) Steering wheel w/ steering wheel controls & clock spring 8" Screen (I dont know if theres different ones, mine came off a high country with Carplay and Navigation) HMI & Radio Module (Provided by MVI Inc) MVI Harness for IOB to IO6 MVI Harness for Radio steering controls Run LINBUS wire as previously stated here The MVI harness is plug & play except for the wires that go into the gauge cluster plug (must be added, takes less than 5 mins to do it) and the 4 BCM wires. To get the rear view camera to work (From your big IOB radio plug, unpin the two (Gray/Yellow) Wires and the (White/Blue) wires. There are two of each. Connect Gray/Yellow to Gray/Yellow and White/Blue to White/Blue. (DONE!) Hope this helps, all in all it took about 2 hours to install.
  2. Can vouch for Frankie, good price and a good seller as well.
  3. Yeah bro, just the chrome bezels. I already have LTZ headlights.
  4. Its actually going to be at 72* my fault lol. But yeah, basically thats what its going to look like. No, the AC is going to be same temp on both sides. Basically youre not going to have Automatic Temp Control, or Dual Zone climate. So theres nothing thats going to change the temperature for the passenger side. Everything will still work as before. You lose no features or gain any but the digital climate knobs.
  5. To properly function as stated, you will need a bunch of sensors among other parts. If it doesnt bother them that the passenger side temp knob will always Display 73* then its a simple plug & play setup.
  6. As title states, looking for a chrome 16-18 high country grill and chrome 16-18 headlight bezels as well.
  7. I was actually going to PM you now. MVI couldnt figure out which module is which by the part #'s. Can you get me the Vins of the trucks? I need a NON-Bose Radio Module and HMI. Let me know brotha, thank you!
  8. Im hoping to get with MVI and go from I0B to I05 or 6. I would really like to upgrade to the 8" Screen with Navigation & Carplay (I currently have the 7" with Carplay) Im not sure on the radio controls, I skimmed through the WT to DIC & 8" Screen thread but didnt see much info for the I0B truck. Hell yeah man, I was so happy when I was finally able to use my cluster.
  9. If you find some, let me know. I'll buy your old chrome ones.
  10. I just want to confirm. I did this over the weekend. My truck is a 2018. I got a steering wheel and clock spring from Frankie off of a 2015, installed them, ran the one wire from #2 on the clock spring to #20 on the cluster and everything works flawlessly. Illumination plus steering wheel controls for the cluster. Thank you and @pgamboa for making the wire for me and helping me through the install.
  11. Hi there, seeing if you guys could help me source some part numbers or maybe someone on here has them for sale. Im looking for the Z71/HC Chrome Grille Inserts (The 3 bars that go across) Z71/HC Window Sills Chrome Z71/HC Side Body Molding Chrome Door Handles Going to have some polished wheels so I can plan on adding some HighCountry chrome to the exterior of my WT LOL. Its all gloss black now.
  12. Can anyone tell me the PN# for the terminal ends for the LINBUS wire? I want to make the wire but im not sure what terminal ends to use to plug into the back of my clock spring plug & cluster plug. Any information will be greatly appreciated. I have no steering wheel controls and I cant change my denali cluster warnings lmao.
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