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  1. Bump, looking to do this to my truck as well. 7" I0B to 8" Screen
  2. @Todd1982 Thanks man! Hopefully its that simple! What year is your truck? Apart from the steering wheel, was there anything else you needed to buy? Clock spring etc? @pgamboa Can you chime in whenever you have a chance and confirm this? My truck is a 2018 Custom. So Base cluster, steering wheel, all manual seats etc.
  3. So I have a 2018 Silverado Custom (No steering wheel controls), Base Cluster. I did the 2018 Denali Cluster upgrade, since I have no steering wheel controls I wont be able to navigate any of the cluster menus right? Therefore I lost function to checking Fuel Consumption, Trip, Etc etc? I pretty much figured I would since my cluster has the little knob on it that lets me move across the few other screens. Maybe theres another way of getting access to these menus without steering wheel controls? Thank you guys!
  4. They look great! I went with OEM High Country interior though. A couple bucks more but worth it as my truck came with no power seats or anything.
  5. Not sure if you mentioned, but I didnt see anything. Other than the cluster, is there anything else needed to run the 16-18 Blue Denali cluster on a 16-18 truck? I have a 2018 Custom, Basic cluster, no steering wheel controls w/ 7" Screen and Apple Car play. Will I be able to run that cluster as well as be able to go through the menu without having steering wheel controls? Very interested in this upgrade. Thank you.
  6. I wish this would work on the IOB trucks
  7. I read this thread and no one has answered the question. Is this do-able in a 2018 IOB truck. What about if you upgrade to the 8” Screen with Navi option?
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