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  1. Thank you. I will look into that, it would explain a lot
  2. My exact problem, and exactly what I did to get the cabin to a habitable temp.
  3. Wife's truck and she has complained about it for a while. Had to drive all the way to Detroit for my daughter's sporting event Dog and I were fighting to see who got to put his head out the window!! Heater just blows hot air - constantly. By adjusting to the lowest temp with a/c off, I did finally get it to blow a tolerable temperature. But that was about 500 miles down the road and by then had lost a few pounds of water weight. Anyone else have this issue on the '15? Is the mixer just somehow hung up and needs lube? I know nothing about it or how it works, or how to get to it for that matter. Anyone have advice or a fix? Thanks
  4. Thanks a bunch! That's what I thought it was but was not 100% on it. I take it you've done it? How bad a job is it? With kids moving around constantly etc I havn't had a chance to even look under the hood and see what I'm in for.
  5. Well, wife was complaining about a hard pedal and Yuk not wanting to stop in traffic. Had to go into stealership for a recall ECU flash or something, but they confirmed it was the vacuum pump. Would you happen to have a part number? Having a bit of trouble chasing this part down. Thanks!!

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