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  1. It seems like the better sound makes folks step on the gas more.................... more trips to the gas station.
  2. Thanks for the hint on the low voltage. I will check that. Regarding the dome light diode mod - 2 questions. I already added additional LED's for foot well lights. How much current can that circuit handle? Last question - if I use the diode connected to the dome light circuit, do I just connect my new LED wire to the negative side of the diode, ( stripe on the diode) since the dome circuit would output 12V+ I assume at that connection. Or do I bridge the diode between the dome connection and the puddle connection on the grey connector, then slide my LED wire in next to the diode wire that is now bridged between Pins 1 and 8 at PIN 8? THANK YOU !
  3. Nope. These are not stock puddle lights. I am adding them, or at least trying to.
  4. I tested the LED's they are fine. Someone said to check that My locator lights are turned on in settings. They are. used an ohm meter to check that the wires were fine. My truck is a 2015 GMC SLE. Maybe I need to test the voltage coming from that connector into that grey and green wire. I guess I can connect my DMM to the position on the plug, cover the light sensor and watch for the voltage.
  5. They use brake by wire on Formula One Race cars since 2014. I think they are used on some high end luxury cars as well. I think they are the future.
  6. Help with the puddle lights. What am I doing wrong? I connected my LED positive lead to the grey with green trace wire in the X7 Grey connector on the BCM. I connected the negative to a bolt that goes is screwed into the firewall. They will not turn on in the dark, even when I cover the light sensor on the dashboard with a coat. Not when I unlock the truck or open the door The truck is a 2015 Sierra. I must be doing something wrong. The connector that the puddle wire uses doesn't have a ground connection according to a PIN out diagram I found.
  7. Installed footwell LED's today, replaced my headlight bulbs, ( passenger side high beam was out). The one on the passenger side is a PIA since you need to remove the air filter box to get at it. Also installed an Airaid intake tube.
  8. thank you for the info. guess im running a wire all the way to the front.
  9. yes i have the factory cargo lights, so thats not it. I am hoping someone tells me that unused one is for remote tailgate lock.
  10. In the attached picture you will see what appears to possibly be an unused plug ( 2nde from the left) on the junction box in the drivers side rear of the truck. I know one of the connections is the rear camera. Does anyone know what that is for?
  11. Is it generic to GM so anyone with a GM center cut key can open the lock?
  12. Black Plastidip, and Gloss coat ordered! For $11 it's worth a try for sure. Thanks for the info guys.
  13. I was thinking about painting ( using Plastic Dip) the letters instead of replacing the badges with black and chrome replacements that cost about $130.00. Has anyone ever done something like that?
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