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  1. Mounts from Zroadz https://zroadz.com/i-23909941-2019-chevrolet-silverado-1500-hood-hinge-led-bracket-to-mount-2-3-inch-led-pod-lights-pn-z362181.html
  2. How long after the last coat did you wait before peeling away?
  3. Never mind I googled it and understand that the badge remains on the vehicle. Thx
  4. Is there a particular removal process that doesn't destroy the adhesive so they can go back on?
  5. About a month ago I had a local shop install a Super 40, and it sounded better than stock but not better than the Super 40 I had on my 17. When warm/hot starting it would make a fluttering sound, and it was horrible. After reading these posts Sunday evening I went to Lowes and bought 12 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps. I cut up 3 beer cans into 3.125" squares to cover the 6 Resonator spots, using the clamps to hold them in place. WOW! What a freakin difference! I love the sound, and it was fairly cheap and easy to do. No more warm/hot start fluttering too!
  6. I went ahead and installed the one I bought for my 2017 on the 2019, and the wire colors are the same and works perfect. The connectors are off to the left side but still the same.
  7. Boost Auto Parts makes a jumper for the previous years. I'm sure they will have one for the 19's sooner or later.
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