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  1. Get new wheels and tires from tire rack.
  2. If you still lived in NH you would have a lot more use for the 4X4 and the opportunity for mother nature to help make the truck lighter!
  3. I just got the Range AFM disabler for my 2013 5.3 4X4 with 125 K on the clock. It is mostly a weekend toy that is seldom used during the week. I was surprised to see an important note telling me that I should not leave the Range installed if I don’t drive it daily because there may be a draw on the battery in some vehicles. Is there way (other than seeing if the battery dies) to find out if I need to remove the Range from my truck during the days it isn’t being used?
  4. 100% correct about copper. On the other hand copper nickel lines are OK. They are easier to bend than steel but give a slight quisky feel.to. the brakes.
  5. It is highly unlikely someone cut the wires in the steering column. Almost every Chevy truck with the tow package ultimately has the thin wires break. Most people don’t reattach them because they will break again. They just add another MC push button switch to the dashboard. i have done it to 3 trucks and have a switch ready for the current one
  6. I would start by talking with a tuner.
  7. Just like MaverickZ7 - I USED to be a GM fan but these AFM issues have turned me away. The guy that suggested it is not a common issue has to have a screw loose (or maybe works at a Chevy dealer) because horror stories of the AFM issue is all over the web on many GM forums. The body of my truck is in very good condition so I am beginning to save money for either an AFM delete package or a new crate motor (if needed). Looks like GM made the same type of decision the Ford did on the Pinto gas tank, but at least people are not being roasted do to their decision.
  8. When your neighbor gets laid off it is a recession. When you get laid off it is a depression. When my friend's truck fails because of the AFM it is an issue. When my truck fails because of the AFM it is a disaster. When it hasn't happened to you it doesn't exist. When it happens to you it is real.
  9. Three questions.. How many miles now? What oil do you use? And how often do you change it?
  10. It looks as if I should have done a bit more homework before getting another Chevy. It is now decision time - Keep it as is, change the oil every few thousand miles and hope. Keep it and completely swap out the AFM system now. Keep it and get a 5.3 crate motor if things break. Dump it and get a Ford. - I once had a Ram. It ate transmissions every 40,000 miles and the body fell apart around a great motor so it is not a consideration.
  11. Whistling sound

    Does that mean it was the Mexican problem? A big sucking sound where jobs are disappearing to the south? Sorry I couldn't help myself! :-(
  12. You will have a lot more room if the rear axel is hanging down (Wheels not on the ground)
  13. Long story -- I had a fantastic 2003 Silverado extended cab Z-71 off road with the 5.3 motor. It was a weekend toy that was sometimes used to tow a car trailer. It Never - Never had a motor problem and would not require the addition of any oil between changes but the truck had New England rust issues. At about 130,000 mile we redid the rear wheel wells and rockers. Then a few months ago at 200,000 it would not pass inspection because of rust and a few other things. This time it was the rear wheel wells again, rear backing plates, and loose front suspension. Since it was at 200,000 miles I decided to get another Silverado. It took a bit of work but I found a rust free 2013 4X4 extended cab 5.3 with a little over 100,000 miles. It has the GU6/G80 3.42 posi ratio, KNP trans cooler, KC4 HD engine cooler, Z85 High payload package, and among a long list of other goodies - the freekin AFM system. It drives great but in the first 600 miles it used about a 1/2 quart of oil with no signs of smoking or leaking. I did a web search and found that the issue is most likely the AFM . What is GM thinking???? Who in their right mind would take a great dependable motor and turn it into a POS that uses oil? I have ordered a Range Technology disabler to see if that will help, but can't believe GM would be that stupid. By the way, this is my 4th GM truck in the last 30 years and may be the last.

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