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  1. Thanks to all who replied... definitely got the answer! Thanks!
  2. Can anyone tell me what thesse symbols indicate? Could not find anything on them in the owners manual nor web...Thanks, Nimrod
  3. I am replacing the steering position sensor in a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500. The new sensor is offset about 15-20 degrees from the old one. That said, I can't line up the pin without moving the inner gear. Is it a problem with the sensor? Can I adjust it and make it fit? Help!!! My steering column is sitting on the front seat! Thanks, Nimrod
  4. My 2011 Sierra, 169K miles old, just started to stumble on cold starts about 2 weeks ago. Today I got the P0175 code. There's plenty of troubleshooting to do for that code and I'll start on it asap (it's cold in MI). This is the first issue I've had with the motor ever and am wondering if one event could be causing this. About 5 weeks ago I inadvertently filled up with 93 octane. That was the first time in 479 fuel fill ups that I've deviated from 87 octane. The motor has always started on the first turn whether with key or remote start since new. But in the past month it takes a couple of turns to start up and occasionally stumbles once before smoothing out. There might be a slight miss at idle, but driveability is still good and no lack of power. The P0175 today was the first SES code to come on. It's got a K&N airfilter since 1k miles and the only other change has been plugs and wires at 160K. Thoughts? Help? Thanks, Mike
  5. My '11 has 3985 hours at 149500 miles... average speed 37.5MPH...
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