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  1. I ran the same size wheels/tires and offset with a 1.5" level on my Trail Boss with no rubbing or trimming.
  2. Just peeled mine off.........they came off with no adhesive left behind.
  3. Here's my Putco............wired it with the Curt harness but the truck didn't like it, kept getting some kind of trailer fault..... so I bought the harness that Putco sells and it works perfectly.
  4. Just installed mine......mirrors do adjust but the lights do not work.
  5. I de-badged my Trail Boss too, looks much better without the chrome badges and weird stickers. Love the Borla, sounds and looks amazing.
  6. First thing I did after I bought my Trail Boss is replace the Duratracs with Nitto Ridge Grapplers. The Grapplers are much quieter and smoother than the Duratracs, it was like driving a totally different truck.
  7. Thanks, it is a Auto Ventshade 753168 Aeroskin LightShield I like it, lights are very bright and it was an easy installation.
  8. De-badged my Trail Boss. No holes behind any of the badges. Just need some fishing line and a 3M eraser wheel to remove the adhesive.
  9. You need to use metal duct tape. You can get it at Home Depot.
  10. Dont know about the valve but covering the screens does make a difference. I covered mine with aluminum duct tape, it worked great until I installed my cat back system.
  11. You need the Tow Mirrors to get turn signals, RPO code is DPO for the RST. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/08/here-are-the-optional-2020-silverado-1500-towing-mirrors/
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