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  1. Do you have a OBD2 Code Reader? This happened to me after lift install also. Threw two codes: P25A2 and C0508 I replaced a bad right front ABS Speed Sensor, part # 84445278 and the CEL went away.
  2. Not today............... but installed new Zone Offroad control arms.
  3. Thanks, here is the link https://airdesignusa.com/2019-silverado-front-bumper-guard.html
  4. For those interested: 35x12.5R20 left vs 325/50R22 right
  5. 22x12 -45 Fuel Mavericks with 325/50R22 Ridge Grapplers. This size tire is slightly louder than the smaller 35x12.5 Ridge Grapplers I had before but still very quiet on pavement. No rubbing forward or reverse after some minor plastic trimming. I had previously removed the mud flap bracket and tied back the wheel well liners.
  6. No, they are still in my garage waiting to be painted.
  7. Stick with the solid glass window, the sliders leak. (mine started leaking recently) Check the loooong thread here about leaking rear windows.
  8. Another one bites the dust..................
  9. No difference after replacing my first set of 6mm spacers with custom Bora wheel and hub centric spacers. I had a vibration before making this change.
  10. Yes, I am running 35x12.5 Ridge Grapplers now and they are still much quieter than the stock Duratracs.
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