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  1. I have one side that makes noise when it retracts and one side that is quiet. I think the step may be hitting the side of the truck when it goes up, I have not looked at it yet because it really doesn't bother me. The motors are super quiet.
  2. I recently installed them on my Trail Boss, easy install and great quality.
  3. Good choice, you make me want to de-badge my Trail Boss
  4. Complete new to GM

    Welcome to the forum
  5. New Member

  6. New guy

  7. Looks good. What did you use to tint the tail lights?
  8. Ridge Grapplers or Duratrac?

    I would choose Ridge Grapplers for sure. Replaced the Duratracs on my Trail Boss with Ridge Grapples and they are much quieter, smoother and a better wet weather tire for sure. My stock wheels and tires are for sale if anyone is interested.
  9. Tire size, need help

    I have the Ridge Grapplers. I do not really notice a difference in handling on the street but they have a much smoother ride and are very quiet. I have not had a chance to take them off road yet.
  10. Tire size, need help

    I recommend Nitto Ridge Grapplers. They have an aggressive look and are much quieter and smoother than the Duratracs that came on my Trail Boss. https://www.nittotire.com/light-truck-tires/ridge-grappler-light-truck-tire/
  11. Wheels for Pac Blue AT4

    They sent new sensors that are 433MHz but my tool will not work. Discount Tire said they are "programmable" sensors and they do not have the proper programmer.
  12. Wheels for Pac Blue AT4

    I have the same tool and have used it on my Corvette, GMC's etc. This tool does not work on the sensors that Custom Offsets set me. I may just remove the sensors in my stock wheels and use them.

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