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  1. Aftermarket tires for Trail Boss

    Still have stock wheels so I do not have a picture to share but would like to see a picture of your Mavericks when you get them installed.
  2. Looks great. Did you need to run spacers to clear the calipers? How far do the tires stick out past the fenders?
  3. Thanks. I am finding that even the wheel manufacturers do not know what fits the 2019 Silverado without spacers.
  4. Looks fantastic. Can you explain "shaved calipers" and how it was done? Maybe show some pics?
  5. Looks great...........did you need spacers to clear the front calipers?
  6. Same here........
  7. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    Black is my favorite color but man this looks awesome.............nice build.
  8. I dont see this size listed on Nittos site. Could they be 295/70R18?
  9. Looks great...any rubbing?
  10. Trail Boss LT. Just picked it up yesterday.

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