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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to come back here and give a big shout out and thanks for @th3magpi3 for doing such an awesome job getting my HMI and radio module programmed. The day they arrived he had them programmed and out the door, had it not been for the holiday weekend i would've had them 2-3 days after. He ensured they were programmed properly and once i got them had to get a new USB port and helped troubleshoot i had the wrong one. He made sure once my new one arrived my CarPlay worked perfectly! One of the best people I've dealt with and knows his stuff really well. I wouldn't hesitate at all to use him for module programming or questions. Great prices, Great Guy!
  2. So with the HMI and radio module.... What is the programming that needs to be done? It is just programming the module to accept my trucks VIN number?
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