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  1. I'm in similar situation. Any progress yet? I need almost every panel replaced and am very concerned that I'll be stuck waiting. I know they ordered bed and rear frame. Maybe only parts available? Dealer says GM is not shut down which I don't believe is true? Maybe he just means parts dept? Trying to get repair est and salvage money so I don't have to deal with it.
  2. Also wondering about how they compare. Looks to me like Icon rear shocks provide lift vs CST need a rear block even with shocks?
  3. I posted similar question. You might be interested in responses: My conclusion was that upgrading suspension with Icon stage 2 was best solution to get the lift. Still not sure if mod CV shafts are needed but I would get them seperately and add to icons if they are. Hope other more knowledgeable in forum give additional opinions on CV shafts.
  4. Agree that it should fit but then why is LT 5.3 excluded? It has Z71 (which I have) as allowable so maybe that means just the LT 5.3 without Z71 isn't allowed? That would make more sense. I guess at some point it will be more clear. Would have been more likely to get a Trailboss if it wasn't for the lift kit being offered as an option. Although now only reason I think I would go for GM kit over Icon is for warranty.
  5. Yeah whats up with that! Makes no sense. The lift kit could open up all kinds of options for buyers. Wondering if the marketing guys are behind the restrictions? Keep stock low and in demand for Trailboss with no option to build same as whats offered in TB.
  6. Below was posted by Hondahalk on GM lift post. I think this means you can't use with LT 5.3 so not a option for me. Anyone know how Icon would effect warranty. Went for a test ride in Trailboss yesterday and salesman told me any non dealer installed suspension would void warranty. Maybe just trying to sell me on TB.
  7. Looking at same kit, but like the billet upper control arms instead of tubular. Pretty sure they both function the same tho. I agree that the coilovers make a lot of sense for a lift. Having shocks lift the vehicle instead of blocks/spacers sounds way more secure. Hope someone that has done it comments. Hope I'm not missing something about going this route.
  8. Thanks for the great explanation on CV's vs uca's. Like to hear from more people but you basically answered everything. Just read post on GM lift restrictions and apparently not compatible with LS 5.3. WTH! Coilovers are looking like even better option. Did you consider any other brands? Icon sounds pretty solid.
  9. I’m considering options to do a Trailboss lift on my LT Z71 5.3. The GM suspension upgrade system (TB 2” lift) looks like a great option. Like that it’s engineered and warranted by GM, doesn’t alter my tow capacity (according to Trailboss specs), and I can check ride by test driving a Trailboss. However, wish GM system had option to upgrade shocks over the Z71 package that I already have. Can’t complain about current ride, just that if I’m going to replace stuff would like it to be an improvement. I noticed package includes modified CV shafts while all other 2" lifts (I’ve found) use a modified upper control arm (or nothing at all). I assume both are to correct geometry of lift? Instead of swapping shocks I’m tempted to just get Icon suspension system which has coilover shocks and billet upper control arms. More than double the cost of GM lift ($1300 vs $3100) but getting a lot more than just added clearance. Besides improved suspension you can adjust lift front 0- 3”, rear 0-2" to fine tune rake. It is more than I planned to spend but seems like it might actually be a good value vs just a lift. After reading through all post on this T1 forum and various sources on lifts and suspensions I still have some questions and hope to get some advice from the experts: 1. As GM chose to modify CV shafts instead of typical upper control arms, is this more critical correction for stress or damage to front end or do both work equally well? 2. Would changing out shocks on GM kit make sense and if so what would be a good choice? 3. Opinions on whether it is worth the added performance improving suspension with coilovers vs just a lift? Let me know what you think of Icon and suggest alternatives.
  10. Nice. White with chrome looks so good! I decided I would keep some or all stock rake when I lift. I think it looks better and don't see any benefit to just level front. Good to know ko2 285/65r20 will fit. Was planning on stock size KO2 but that looks good. Like to see it when you're done.
  11. Plan to remove the air dam assuming there aren't any serious negatives. Hope to get some some more feedback on it. With approximate 8" clearance and 2" dam that in itself is a big improvement. Not looking to increase tire size. Plan to switch to KO2's next winter. Heavier and better traction which are both good things to me. Stock Bridgestone's strength is likely only smoothness and MPG. Hope a get some more feedback but everything I've heard indicates those that level do it because they don't like the look of the rake and want oversize tires. Neither matter to me. Won't do anything until I do some towing this summer. Interested to see how much the tongue weight effects the rake. Really hate the nose up look of some leveled trucks towing. I have plenty of time to research and decide, just more fun thinking about it while truck is new and exciting!
  12. Thanks for the input. Admittedly appearance has an influence: I like the way off-road lifted look! As I mentioned the Trailboss just looks right to me. But my interest and needs are more practical: 1. Need to be able to handle muddy ungraded roads to access Job sites in early stages. 2. Towing utility job trailer cross country thru mountain terrain occasionally. 3 Towing Boat up and down mountains for winter storage and service. 4 Winter driving in extreme snow conditions. We get multiple feet at a time. Feb was a 20' month! Sounds like form your comments and others I will be compromising towing if I do a lift and if I do one I should maintain stock rake, right? Should I also assume upgrading shocks/suspension is better than just a strut extension block?
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