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  1. I don't have the list. But I do know @pgamboa is having issues getting consoles direct from GM. Last I heard his backorder was close to six months.
  2. Painted tailgate handle Found one of the old DuHA receiver caddies on Ebay
  3. Has to be plugged in for radio screen to mirror your phone.
  4. Is the harness there if truck came with a console? Truck with a console all the wiring comes out of the dash. That's why all the hookups are in front not the bottom.
  5. Yes a person can do jump seat to console. Done it myself with Phil's harness. But there isn't a harness to adapt a console truck to jump seat.
  6. I have an Undercover Flex hard cover. When folded up it doesn't sit against back of cab or window. It stands up using prop rods. Only takes up about six inches or so of bed. So far it has been water tight even when using the carwash. Plus When tail gate is closed and locked a person cannot get in.
  7. You do know there is no harness that powers up the connections on jump seat when swapping. The connections for OE equipped consoles come out of dash. The OE jump seat come up under the seat. The connections are even different.
  8. I have Rough Country 2.5" front/1" rear kit. Wheels are 18" 2020 GMC AT4 reproductions. Tires are 275/70/18 Nitto Terra Grappler G2. I have no rub but I wouldn't stick my hand in there and let anyone cut the wheel to full lock.
  9. I have 2. My other is reverse of this one. I just ordered two sets of red buttons so I can make panic button red.
  10. You can get by without the front bracket. I didn't put one in my truck.
  11. Simple. Unhook factory harness at door speakers. Run new output wires from amp to doors.
  12. jscottl


    Located in Morehead,Ky 40351. Unmarried and ready to go. 17+ requires $40 ECM unlock code. Just looking to get $250 shipped USPS Priority. I can do Apple Pay, Paypal, or Zelle.
  13. Yeah those tweeters are meant to mount someplace else.You might want something more like these 6x9's https://www.crutchfield.com/g_52300/6-x9-Speakers.html?tp=91#&avf=Y&l=C&nvpair=FFBrand|Rockford Fosgate
  14. It's right there when you open it
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