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  1. New in box. Bought for the 2017 Silverado I had. Up to you to check part numbers for fit. I paid $170 will sell for $125 shipped. I am posting these else where also please send me PM
  2. I bought mine new here. About what used ones run. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2014-silverado-1500-crew-cab-audio-upgrade-kickerreg-200-watt-amplifier-and-subwoofer-system/19303117-p-92279776.html
  3. Yes they are same. BUT wheels that are backspaced for 18 and down will not fit 19+ due to nub on 19+ front calipers.
  4. Yep that is a little bambi catcher for sure. Too bad once it catches a deer your front end is going to be toast.
  5. Not really. They have rubbed but ground was pretty uneven
  6. Running that size on 2.5 level with stock wheels
  7. Seems like a solution that is searching for a problem.
  8. Put on AVS in channel Vent Visors I got today. Truck had the tape on type until a couple of them came loose.
  9. Get a Range to deactivate V4 mode and delete the resonator. I had my muffler swapped out to a single/dual out Borla ProXS. and cut the flapper and resonator off.
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