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  1. Why you want to go the cheap Anzo lights?
  2. I know your under 36K but I have lifetime powertrain on my truck. I cannot alter driveline, emissions cats forward, or do any tuning or it is voided. Plus I have to follow the recommended service intervals.
  3. I still got my blocks. I got same kit as you and my '17 is nearly level.
  4. From what I have read as long as you stay in the 2.5" and under you are fine with stock arms. The 3" messes with angles. Stock shocks front and rear.
  5. Fresh wash and wax. Carwash place finally opened after being shut down do to the Covig19 crap. And it stopped raining for couple of days.
  6. Running Rough Country 2.5" front/1" rear kit 275/70/18's. Wheels are OE Spec. No rub but it is close.
  7. If I were buying another I would buy A.R.E.'s color matched one.
  8. BEst looking OE wheels GM had for our trucks.
  9. No need to remove bowtie though. Little heat, good stiff squeegee, and good sharp exacto knife. Mine with Vivvid Vinyl
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