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  1. Northeast Kentucky. It's a mess. Trees down. Electric down. Water storage tanks empty because pumps require electric. Whole town 30 miles from here lost power when sub station went out.
  2. Nope. Since last Thursday we had three winter storms roll thru here. UPS hasn't been able to get around very well. Plus this is what it looks like going up my buddies hill where the heated garage is.
  3. Coincidence. I just bought same system you did. Shoot even bought same component speakers as you except got Kicker speakers for dash. I have Duha box under back seat that gonna have to take jigsaw to.
  4. Double cab PSIEXT14 or crew cab model PSICRE14
  5. Buy a Range. If you decide not to keep the truck sell the Range. They don't last long when they pop up used.
  6. It's not the wheel size that matters. It the diameter of your tires.
  7. While true to the GM warranty not so to the lifetime powertrain warranties. Those are a contract that must be followed. Mine is I can get maintenance done at any GM dealer. Dealer where I bought the truck must service and inspect once a year. Any powertrain repairs must be done where I purchased unless it's I am out of state and contact the dealership before anything is done.
  8. evap canister and solenoid. if you "top" off after pump kicks off gas get in the canister and clogs up the filter
  9. I have the 18" This guy is running the 20's https://www.silveradosierra.com/under-construcktion/overlordspock-s-2016-silverado-t716769.html
  10. I agree. And if you have questions he is willing to help. Stand-up guy.
  11. I keep Onstar for the app thru winter months. That way I have nice warm truck when I get off work when it's nasty and snowing. As far as data I bought a Jetpack from Verizon for the truck and added it to my unlimited plan. I just bought a dashcam that connects to wifi to upload video and watch real time thru an app.
  12. Sylvania LED bulbs and Recon light bar with reverse lights. No issues.
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